Vonage's Softphone offers a full featured phone application that allows you to make and receive calls, plus check voicemail from your computer!

On the Go

Ideal for travelers, SoftPhone lets you access your phone wherever you are. You can assign any U.S. area code to your SoftPhone line.


SoftPhone allows you to stay at the computer when the phone rings. You can communicate directly through your computer's microphone and hear callers right from your speakers or headset.
plus taxes and fees for 500
minutes to the U.S. and
Canada. Only 3.9¢ for each
additional minute.
Sign up for the SoftPhone plan. Just log in to your Vonage Online Account to purchase and activate SoftPhone.

Set Up

It's easy to add Vonage SoftPhone through your Online Account. Just log in, go to the SoftPhone section under the Add-On Features tab and enroll in the Vonage SoftPhone calling plan. Download the easy-to-use software-based phone to your PC or Mac and get ready to make calls from anywhere.

Use Your Computer As a Phone

Forgot your phone? You can use your computer to make and receive calls, plus check your voicemail. It's the perfect solution when you're on the road.
Need help with your Vonage SoftPhone?
Visit our Support Section.

Supercharge Your Plan

Add a Line

Whether you need more lines for your business or for your teenagers, you can get as many Vonage phone lines as you want.
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Virtual Number

Have friends, family or even customers living far away? Get a Vonage Virtual Number with their area code, and they can call you for the price of a local call.
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Fax Line

Vonage allows you to send or receive faxes from home without tying up your phone line.
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Don't forget about the incredible included features:

Other Great features

Call Waiting
Caller ID Block
Call Transfer
3-Way Calling
Vonage Online Account
Number for Life/Moving with Vonage
In Network Calling
International & Directory Assistance Block
Ring Lists
Call Hunt
Call Return
Do Not Disturb
Repeat Dialing
Bandwidth Saver®
Network Availability Number®
Special Services Number
Vonage Access Number
Anonymous Call Block