The Vonage Mobile® App
It's the only calling app you'll ever need. It's the easiest way to make free international calls, send texts and video chat.1 Unlike the Skype™ app, Vonage Mobile® was designed specifically for your smartphone. So you can do everything right from the app. And even if the person you are calling has not yet downloaded Vonage Mobile®, you'll still pay 30% less than you would on Skype™.2
Don't believe the Skype.

Now Available - video calls for Android™ and iPhone®.

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What the Experts Are Saying

Vonage announced Vonage Mobile, a new version of the company's existing mobile app that hopes to take on Skype with discounted VoIP calls."

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Vonage challenges Skype with new iPhone app featuring 30 percent cheaper VoIP calling"

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Skype just got a little competition..."

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Compare Features

Free app-to-app calls

Uses your existing address book


Free app-to-app texting

Free contact and location sharing


Rates 70% less than mobile carriers2


Works on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G

Free calls to every Vonage customer


Refer-A-Friend® straight from the address book


Earn calling credit by inviting friends to join Vonage Mobile®


No profile creation necessary


Caller ID uses your actual number

Send voice messages to other Vonage Mobile® users