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Vonage Proactive Connect Increases Engagement by Driving Personalized, Two Way Conversations at Scale

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Powerful solution delivers customized, large scale, omnichannel campaigns from a single automation platform

HOLMDEL, N.J., March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has launched Proactive Connect, a powerful tool that empowers businesses to deliver customized, large scale, omnichannel campaigns and bulk messages, including two-way interactions with their customers, all from a single marketing, automation platform.

Vonage Proactive Connect provides a flexible and scalable way to initiate large scale conversations across any channel.

Vonage Proactive Connect provides a flexible and scalable way to initiate large scale, external conversations across any channel via Vonage APIs - Voice, SMS, and Messaging including MMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. Available as an API and as a dashboard UI, Proactive Connect gives businesses across industries, such as retail, banking, and utilities, the ability to create these connections for mission-critical customer communications. Examples include alerts on service outages and notifications/confirmations for appointments to reduce customer inquiries and increase business growth by promoting new products and services.

Proactive Connect also gives customers a faster way to receive answers to urgent questions and receive live support by messaging with intelligent bots, sales reps or support agents directly.  

"With the ability to configure every aspect of a customer campaign, Vonage Proactive Connect is changing the way businesses engage with customers," said Colin Brown, VP Product, Vonage. "By delivering the tools needed to personalize engagement at scale, Proactive Connect is helping Vonage customers exceed business results by making connections with their own customers that resonate and build brand loyalty."

Vonage Proactive Connect uses automated conversational workflows, including:

  • AI-Enabled solutions: Easily manage bulk synchronous or asynchronous inbound and outbound interactions across multiple channels. Route inbound responses to an AI-enabled virtual assistant to automate conversations or route to live contact center agents.
  • Omnichannel campaigns: Send bulk messages across voice and messaging channels from one platform
  • Personalization: Customize messages, offers, and responses or send personalized content across channels using dynamic fields, such as proactive alerts for communicating service-impacting issues
  • Two-way interactions: Enable two-way interactions with customers across multiple channels
  • Low-code dashboard: Low-code dashboard UI empowers citizen developers and makes it easy for all developers to build faster
  • Ability to rapidly scale: Easily scale personalized conversations and experiences with minimal effort

"Consumers are more connected than ever, putting higher expectations on brands to make those connections more personal and more immediate," said Dave Michels, Principal Analyst at TalkingPointz. "Vonage Proactive Connect will enable businesses to meet this growing demand for meaningful connections with the simplicity of a low-code design - even for large-scale campaigns - as well as the ability to infuse them with AI-powered interactions and two-way communications for that personal touch. These are key differentiators for Vonage that will check the critical boxes that today's digitally confident consumer is looking for when making their brand choices."

Online caregiver search and selection service, epiCura, leverages technology to bridge the gap between at-home care for seniors and a vast network of caregivers. With a vision to revolutionize home care with a human touch and a digital approach, epiCura partnered with Vonage to address the challenge of reaching large volumes of providers in an effective way.

"By using Vonage's Proactive Connect solution, epiCura was able to meet this challenge and improve our outreach efforts, enabling us to connect with more caregivers than ever before," said Giuseppe Conte, Operations Manager of epiCura. "This ultimately helped epiCura fulfill our mission of providing high-quality at-home care to seniors, while also creating a more seamless and efficient user experience."

Vonage Proactive Connect also integrates seamlessly with the singular Vonage Communications Platform (VCP) - a unique combination of unified communications, contact center, communications APIs and conversational commerce solution - enabling businesses to simplify their communications solutions and build conversational engagements without the need for multiple vendors. This includes the ability to integrate with low-code/no-code solution Vonage AI Studio to enable smart customer conversations in multiple languages, incorporating NLU and ML capabilities using AI.

Vonage Proactive Connect is currently in beta.

About Vonage

Vonage , a global cloud communications leader, helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Vonage's Communications Platform is fully programmable and allows for the integration of Video, Voice, Chat, Messaging, AI and Verification into existing products, workflows and systems. The Vonage conversational commerce application enables businesses to create AI-powered omnichannel experiences that boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Vonage's fully programmable unified communications, contact center and conversational commerce applications are built from the Vonage platform and enable companies to transform how they communicate and operate from the office or remotely - providing the flexibility required to create meaningful engagements.

Vonage is headquartered in New Jersey, with offices throughout the United States, Europe, Israel and Asia and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ericsson. To follow Vonage on Twitter, please visit To become a fan on Facebook, go to To subscribe on YouTube, visit

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