DF19: Vonage Blazes a Trail on Day Two

The second day opened with an early morning Healthcare Customer Panel. The interactive session was moderated by Dr. Joshua Newman, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Salesforce, who led a panel of healthcare professionals from Texas-based health insurance marketplace Community Health Choice and substance abuse rehabilitation organization Recovery Unplugged. Discussing the trends, impacts and strategies driving the growth of the healthcare market and the role communications plays in that growing segment, Dr. Newman addressed how the smaller, more agile healthcare providers are helping to drive digital transformation in the space and that using technology to take care of people BEFORE they are sick is more important than ever before.

“Traditionally, people think the big companies are setting the standards but at Salesforce we believe that we all have a tremendous opportunity to innovate and build connections.” -- Dr. Joshua Newman, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Salesforce

Recovery Unplugged provides a round-the-clock hotline for its clients, utilizing Salesforce and Vonage’s contact center solution to keep its agents connected to clients/patients with as accurate and complete information about each patient as possible, enabling agents to make personal connections to help build hope and community for clients/patients in need, eventually helping them get to a place where they can be healthy and successful.

“We have a 24-hour hotline. We started using these tools for our admissions team three years ago to be able to track incoming calls and follow through with the client. We can then create cycles of check-ins so that we can be aware of who to contact and check in on our patients, especially those that are high risk of relapse - sometimes several times per week.” -- Jes Badal, PM & Business Analyst

For Community Health Choice, the client experience can only be as good as the data their agents have.

“We connect with our customers - insurance providers, members and even our internal users - in various ways. In healthcare, the term digital transformation is real - and we're trying to bring that experience to all of our members.” -- Rico Ubani, Director of Information Systems Applications, Community Health Choice

Community Health Choice relies on tools like Salesforce and Vonage to help its members stay connected to patients to ensure a successful and healthy outcome. This is especially important in complex and high priority cases as with children who need health services. This is a big piece of what Community Health Choice provides, making sure the most vulnerable in the system get the care - and follow up care - they need to be and stay healthy.


Later in the day, Vonage discussed last week’s announcement of its integration of Vonage APIs with Salesforce Chatbots in the session: #AI-Chatbot Help! How to Navigate Key Chatbot Decisions that Drive Customers Service Success. Vonage’s VP of Global Partnerships Michal Raz joined executives Dennis Thomas and Eric Tseng from our new partner NeuraFlash, a leading AI, Gold Consulting and ISV Partner of Salesforce and expert in customer engagement automation. Vonage and Neuraflash have partnered to build this integration, allowing brands to support both automation in customer engagement and voice escalation via Vonage’s contact center solution to Salesforce Service Cloud powered agents.

The solution gives customers the ability to have natural conversations with a bot via voice, webchat, social messaging app or other channels, handling requests, retrieving information and delivering answers to frequently asked questions. In short, creating the ultimate customer experience.

“Customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator. It is probably the number one thing customers are looking for today.” -- Michal Raz, Vonage VP, Global Partnerships


67% of customers expect a self-service option before being connected to a live agent. Automation is important. But how do you balance intelligent self-service with human intervention? How do you do it seamlessly? During this engaging session our partners discussed strategies they utilized when looking for the right balance and how Vonage’s flexible, integrated AI-driven communications - applications, APIs and the best of both - enable this, and so much more.

“Automation not only helps agent engagement, but can be used post-engagement with customers.” -- Michal Raz

The Neuraflash team demonstrated how a mix of automation and human intervention can turn the worst customer experience into a simple solution. By providing fluent, seamless and automated connections with escalation to a human when needed, bots have the ability to enhance the end user experience AND agent experience within the contact center ecosystem.

“We drive those enhanced user experiences. It’s about having instant answers, 24 hour accessibility, and interactions in the channel they prefer.” -- Dennis Thomas, Neuraflash.

Right across the hall in the Vonage Hub, the Service Cloud Customer Luncheon Panel was underway, with a packed house as Robert Gavin, SVP of Vonage’s Alliances Team led a panel with customers MTD, Vertafore and Cradlepoint, as well as partner GearsCRM. Vonage announced its partnership with GearsCRM last week, teaming with the Salesforce enablement experts to deliver Salesforce consulting with demonstrated expertise in Service Cloud and call center operations. Panelists shared their own companies’ stories of identifying pain points and challenges in their customer connections and turning to technology like Salesforce and Vonage to fill the gaps. During the panel, Gavin summed it up succinctly: “You know what your customers want. Innovate around that.”


The final session of the day featured Vonage customer ABinBEV, the world's largest brewer of beer and considered to be one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods companies in the world: Brewing Up Digital Transformation at Scale - ABinBEV Story.

Moderated by Vonage Senior Director of Product Marketing Jeff Woodland, members of the ABinBEV Digital Transformation team provided an inside view into the company’s digital transformation journey.

“To optimize our operations, we benchmarked what our competition is doing and saw that one of the biggest pain points was communication to customers, resulting in churn. We then identified solutions and one of those we identified was Salesforce and Vonage’s NewVoiceMedia solution.” -- Vitaliy Potlatov, Director of Digital Transformation Europe for ABinBEV.

“We are moving from company to customer centricity. We were looking for a solution that can connect our customers." Henrik Adriaensen, Digital Transformation Lead Europe for ABinBEV.

With Vonage’s contact center solution and Salesforce, ABinBEV agents could easily access account info for a much smoother and seamless experience for agents and customers alike. Real-time dashboards also enabled agents to track customer interactions, sales and results where the company’s last solution provided this information as infrequently as once per month.

"Something that came to our mind is the customer experience is highly connected to the employee experience. With Vonage’s NewVoiceMedia solution, we can add and change a queue. We give back the power to the team -- they are in charge of where people get support." -- Hendrik Adriaensen

Party of the Decade was themed “Flappers and Platforms” and guests were encouraged to dress in their 1920’s or 1970’s finest. A very groovy way to close out an excellent and successful day at DF19!

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