Communications is Changing Business, and We’re Leading the Way

< Recently, top experts and innovators in the worlds of business communications, cloud services, and team collaboration software gathered in Orlando for Enterprise Connect 2018, and Vonage was at the center of the action. From our eye-catching and impressive booth set-up, non-stop meetings with top industry analysts and consultants, to an unprecedented number of speaking opportunities, two appearances on the mainstage, rolling thunder press releases touting our latest news, and last, but not least, exciting Treasure Trunk activations and hard root beer floats, Vonage was positioned as an unmistakable leader of the conference and the industry itself.

Couldn’t make it to sunny Florida? Don’t worry - we took notes. Here are some of the major themes and takeaways from the event:

1. Business Communications is Changing Business
The future of business communications is the future of business. In the first Industry Vision address of the conference, Vonage CEO Alan Masarek shared this insight, which set the stage for deeper conversations on this topic throughout the panels and sessions to follow. All across the show floor, new technologies were on display that aim to make communications smoother, more intelligent, intuitive and collaborative. At the end of the day, it’s just like Alan said, “The only thing we should be measured on is this - Do we make businesses more productive? Do we help businesses connect better with their customers? Is communication the heart of digital transformation? And most importantly...does communications drive better business outcomes?” For our customers, innovation is only as good as the results it can help drive, so we as providers have to keep this in mind.

2. Communications is Software
At Vonage, we believe that the companies who embrace innovation, create the best platform, and are agnostic about the delivery system will win tomorrow, and that’s the message we shared throughout the conference. As cloud adoption and digital transformation continues to grow in the enterprise, providers must fully embrace the potential of software-based communications to stay relevant. Both Tony Jamous, President of Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, and Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer, declared in separate panel sessions that we see the future of the industry as wide open - blurring the lines of UCaaS and CPaaS, offering purpose-built cloud communications solutions that “play well with others,” and delivering great experiences for customers, developers, and end users alike.

< 3. The Platform is Key
One of the unified messages shared by the Vonage team across all speaking engagements and industry meetings was the incredible power and importance of a purpose-built, fully integrated cloud communications platform, brought to life by the recently announced Vonage Business Cloud. Echoed throughout our speaking opportunities and news announced during the show, attendees were convinced of Vonage’s focus on superior experiences for both customers and developers, and the evolution of a single platform that delivers both UCaaS and CPaaS solutions as microservices, enabling faster innovation and customization as the future of the industry comes into view.

For more insights on the future of enterprise solutions for unified communications, watch the keynote speeches, general sessions, and other highlights from Enterprise Connect 2018 here.

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