Enterprise Connect 2019: CPaaS = DX + CX

CPaaS: The Gateway to Digital Transformation - on the power of CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service, or programmable communications) as a driver of digital transformation.

Programmable communications integrate directly into a business’ existing applications and services, such as cloud contact center or unified communications, creating an elevated, contextual customer experience.

Vonage panelist Brian Gilman, VP of Product Marketing agreed, “The boundaries between unified communications, contact center and programmable communications are blurring. Taking APIs and leveraging them to differentiate existing solutions to deliver infinite communications capabilities via voice, messaging, and video APIs, is changing the way companies do business.”

Panel moderator Diane Myers, Senior Research Director, IHS Markit led a candid discussion which explored how businesses can utilize CPaaS, or programmable, solutions to drive digital transformation and transform the way they do business.

Added Gilman, “Today’s communications tools, particularly the use of APIs to add capabilities to existing applications and solutions, are enabling mid-market businesses to compete with large enterprise players, changing the business landscape, across industries and vertical markets.”

Communications APIs provide businesses the ability to connect with customers, partners, and employees in complex ways through simple means. The use cases are limitless. Panelists gave real world customer examples, across a myriad of industries - from retail, insurance, food services and finance - that illustrate how businesses today are layering communications APIs over their communications systems to only provide their employees with better ways to collaborate and be more productive, but also to enhance the way they connect and engage with customers, ultimately driving better overall experiences for all.

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