NewVoiceMedia Summer ’19 Release turns up the heat

by Tim Kimber, Product Marketing Director

For NewVoiceMedia’s cloud contact center software, Summer ’19 Release means a raft of new enhancements spanning our three main innovation categories where we continue pushing the boundaries of Digital Transformation and Enterprise readiness, in combination with Advanced Analytics and Emotive customer experiences:

Digital Transformation

As increasing numbers of Salesforce customers are adding voice to their digital channels for true omni-channel experiences, NewVoiceMedia continues to fine-tune its offering to ensure the customer has the best possible experience irrespective of any system or human error. In the event of this happening, the interaction is put back into the queue, the agent is put into an unexpected state and the interaction is delivered to the next available agent. This means that whatever happens during the omni-channel interaction, the customer always gets handled correctly and does not get lost in the system.


NewVoiceMedia is becoming increasingly relevant to enterprise customers, many of whom are now committing to move their communications infrastructure away from on premises to the cloud. Based on feedback from existing customers and focus groups with others, the agent experience is being improved through new features such as making it easier to find the right person to help them with a complex call (Consult Group Select) and the ability to route VIP calls though to an agent’s personal queue irrespective of state (Personal Call Queues in any State). Interaction Architect has been enhanced to provide better support for customer web services, enterprise data systems and CRM services. The user admin API adds read access to user data allowing programmatic retrieving of skills, groups and other agent data for analysis or third-party integrations.

Customers using the NewVoiceMedia dialer solution within Salesforce will benefit from increased flexibility using a new feature called ‘Related Screen Pop’, whereby the dialer manager can choose which related object they would like popped to the agent screen. Also, for customers wanting to take PCI-compliant secure payments but do not have any development resource available to integrate payment APIs, NewVoiceMedia now offers a new ‘No Code Required Agent Assist Payment Button’.

Analytics and Emotive

Additional metrics are being added to dashboards, including agent groups, skills and location. Display filtering has also been added for groups and skill metrics, allowing the user to specify which groups or skills to present to the dashboard without filtering the data set, keeping everything highly relevant to the specific organization. Insights data source mapping is an advanced feature allowing additional, contextual data from third party sources, including Salesforce or any supported web services connection, to be added to the insights stats data.

Conversation Analyzer now has a ‘Subcategory Count’ ensuring that the data held in Salesforce exactly matches the data displayed in Conversation Analyzer, ensuring a deeper understanding of conversations. Speech transcription has also been enhanced with the addition of ‘Global English’ which overcomes issues of regional variation of English within a single recording (initially available in the EMEA region).

A range of further enhancements will feature in the pilot program for Summer ‘19 Release, including a new Sales Cadence tool, local telephony presence in mainland Europe, Skype for Business presence integration, Word Clouds for Conversation Analyzer, better Priority Call Handling, more Advanced Reporting with Insights Stats and new Logged-In time Reports.

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