Nexmo + Billennium Partner to Elevate Customer Experience

According to research, 75 percent of consumers expect a consistent experience with every brand interaction across all channels of engagement, and 64 percent expect an immediate real-time response.


Today's tech-savvy consumers manage their entire lives on their mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. They're socializing, working, shopping, and taking care of business without ever having to miss a beat. When consumers engage with businesses, it's the same thing.

Engage with Customers on the Channels they Love

If you want to elevate customer engagement and stand out in today's marketplace, then you have to engage with your customers on the channels they love—whether it's over voice, video, SMS, MMS, or any of the popular social chat apps.

64 percent of consumers say that they contacted customer service at least once in the last month, and 47 percent of consumers admit to using three to five different communication channels to get in touch.

What does this mean for businesses? If you want to deliver a seamless and positive customer experience, then your communication strategy should be consistent across all channels. Don't force customers to use a single channel or make them start all over again when they begin an interaction with your brand on one channel and later switch to another.

Intelligent Multichannel Communication

Statistics show that 72 percent of consumers expect customer service agents to know who they are during every interaction, regardless of channel. Integrating digital communications into your business strategy is paramount to delivering a positive and meaningful customer experience, which is why we've partnered with Billennium a little over a year ago.

Billennium is a global technology company that specializes in custom software development, maintenance, and integration. They're also skilled at cloud computing and business processes optimization. Their world-class team is passionate about building IT solutions that are people and environment-friendly.

For example, they developed Paperless Office, a software solution that helps optimize back-office processes in companies and reduce the amount of paper used in organizations. Paperless Retail is another example. Similar to Paperless Office, Paperless Retail is a comprehensive system developed by Billennium to help retailers manage their distributed network and simplify daily operations throughout each level of the chain.

Because of Billennium's expertise developing software integrations, we worked together on a project that helped us integrate multichannel messaging into Salesforce with Nexmo Messages API.

Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce, powered by Billennium, enables you to send messages via SMS, MMS, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Viber Service Messages directly on the Salesforce Apex class. This means that you can call the API within your Salesforce environment.

In another collaboration, Billennium developed a multichannel and virtual branch application powered by Nexmo APIs, called Inperly. Organizations in financial services, healthcare, and insurance can use Inperly's virtual branch application to provide the same comprehensive and personalized customer support that consumers would expect from traditional branches, which also includes the possibility of remote process management.

The virtual branch application features user authentication with our Verify API and live video chat with Nexmo OpenTok platform. Inperly helps consumers connect with virtual agents for support, to close out a contract discussion, or conduct a transaction.

We're very happy to partner with Billennium and look forward to continuing our collaboration to create innovative and delightful customer experiences.

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