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The Digital Transformation Imperative

This article was updated on May 7, 2021

“Organizations with more complex needs, such as telehealth and distance learning, require security and ease-of-use that can only be achieved by embedding video into an organization's current platform.” Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research

The Need to Become More Agile 

Corporations worldwide are being challenged by upstarts with digital DNA.

But how can you do that when your team of developers is stretched thin?

For years, Line-of-Business executives have been requesting an ever-growing number of application projects that needed to be delivered “yesterday.”

This has led to many corporations launching digital transformation initiatives with the aim of becoming more agile, efficient, and flexible.

The Inexorable Rise of Low-Code Development Platforms

The need to get things done faster also explains the boom of so-called low-code development platforms.

Just like how Microsoft FrontPage once enabled users to quickly build web pages without necessarily knowing HTML, low-code platforms enable corporate users to rapidly create workflows and applications without having to learn how to code.

Developers are able to crank out a lot more applications in a lot less time. To illustrate the boom, technology analysts at research firm Forrester anticipate the low-code platform market will exceed $20B by 2024.

Prominent among the new low-code platforms is OutSystems. Gartner Research has put them in their Magic Quadrant, which recognizes industry leaders that not only have a product vision but also the ability to execute it.

The Demand for Remote Communications

In a COVID world, disruptions and transformations have accelerated.

In particular, because of the need for distancing, entire industries have had to reinvent their human interaction workflows around the world — be it for customers who you can’t meet in person as often or at all, and for employees who can’t come to the office.

This has created an enormous need for remote communications. While off-the-shelf conferencing services are flourishing, they aren’t the answer for a seamless, secure, and flexible user experience.

Why Vonage Is a Perfect Addition to Low-Code Development Platforms

Developers worldwide are increasingly adding Vonage cloud communications to their digital workflows.

With its telecom background and global presence, Vonage is ideally positioned. Cloud communications are delivered via APIs (application programming interfaces).

Within the OutSystems console, it’s very simple to add Vonage APIs: Developers can just drag and drop a Vonage component into a visual workflow, and voila! - your workflow is now enabled with SMS, messaging, voice or video.

Three Examples of Rapid Innovation

According to an Accenture Covid-19 Patient Treatment Survey, “Users are embracing telemedicine and messaging.”

What does that mean for organizations? Communication workflows. 

While Accenture references healthcare, that isn’t the only industry trying to accommodate users with digital DNA. Communication workflows can be added to production processes across nearly any industry — healthcare, insurance, logistics, education and many others—when remote communication is the safest and best possible way for an organization to coordinate a team, do an inspection, deliver training, or recruit talent.

“Organizations with more complex needs, such as telehealth and distance learning, require security and ease-of-use that can only be achieved by embedding video into an organization's current platform.”
Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research

Here’s a look at three examples of rapid innovation in three regions using Vonage APIs in healthcare, insurance, and logistics.

#1 Transform Customer Journey—Healthcare

Deliver Better User Experience, Manage Capacity More Flexibly—and Cut Costs 

Life Healthcare operates medical facilities in Southern Africa and 10 European countries.

Challenge—How to continue to deliver medical consultations to patients in 11 national different languages in South Africa during the pandemic.

Solution—Rapidly deliver a telemedicine capability using the Vonage Voice and Video Component and OutSystems applications.


  1. Continuity of care

  2. Improved patient experience 

  3. Cost reduction with capacity optimization

#2 Enable Remote Intervention—Insurance

Remote Assessment Enhances Safety and Dramatically Cuts Processing Time

A top 5 insurance company in North America, providing over 100 million policies.

Challenge—How to run claim assessment and processing safely during COVID-19.

Solution—This organization’s Virtual Assist is a  “see what I see” live video application which allows insurance adjusters to get a rapid assessment of a vehicle’s damage by interacting via video with repair facilities.


  1. Better Customer Experience CX 

  2. Shortening the claims processing in some cases from days to minutes

#3 Bridge the Last Mile—Transportation and Logistics

Ease User Authentication and Transactions to Provide Safe Transportation

Grab is a regional leader in transportation, logistics and payments in Asia.

Challenge—How to scale communications and user verification processes in a region where carrier infrastructure can be unreliable.

Solution—A Vonage-powered customer notification and user verification process via SMS and Voice APIs.


  1. High reliability

  2. Low latency 

  3. High deliverability for business-critical applications

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