Vonage Campus 2019 - Day One!

Vonage Campus 2019 provides Vonage customer, partners, analysts, investors and prospects with an inside view at how startups to large enterprises are leveraging emerging technologies from its broad portfolio of products and services to proactively transform how employees work and how companies do business. Using these tools, Vonage is helping businesses to create more meaningful interactions that drive exceptional customer experiences.

The Power of APIs - Tools for Everyone

The two day event kicked off with several API-focused sessions, geared toward Vonage’s vast developer community. Demos, workshops and hands-on coding exercises were led by experts from the Vonage API Platform team. Attendees learned how to communicate with customers over their preferred channels using Vonage Messages and Dispatch APIs to seamlessly integrate with SMS, MMS, social messaging apps, as well as the ability to create secondary failover channels - worry proofing these communications with the capability to anticipate any customer need.

Workshops also included walk throughs and tutorials illustrating how to use APIs to easily create “no code” workflows, with the ability to drag and drop building blocks to build IVR, call forwards, call recording and so much more, as well as how to combine APIs with third party services with flow-based tool NodeRED to create custom integrations specific to a business’ unique communications needs.

Automation + AI = More Personal Connections

Smart interactions and artificial intelligence was a big theme of the day, as well, with sessions dedicated to discovering how AI can enable emerging tech like sentiment analysis, voice transcription, machine learning and natural language processing. The Vonage API Platform uses websockets to unlock these capabilities via partner integrations to provide real-time insights into customer connections to make them more automated yet more personalized and more customized than ever before - driving the kind of experiences that keep customers engaged and coming back again and again.

What is Cloud Communications, Alex?

An epic first day of Vonage Campus closed with a dynamic keynote address by computer scientist, best-selling author, and TED speaker Ken Jennings. The all-time-winning Jeopardy! champion is known for walking away with more than $2.5 million from America's favorite game show. Beginning with his childhood fascination of game shows, followed by a background in the sciences, Jennings led attendees through what it took for him to get where he is today and how his experiences led him to a legendary Jeopardy! battle with IBM Watson, one of today's most well-known AI platforms. Ken Jennings even went head to head with members of the audience in an impromptu and heated round of Jeopardy!

More to Come

Day Two of Vonage Campus will kick off with more featured speakers, exciting company news, product demos and a few special guests! Check out facebook.com/vonage and www.twitter.com/vonage for live updates throughout the day.

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