Vonage Campus 2019 - Day Two!

Vonage Campus today at Day 2 of the Company’s first ever user and developer conference. A series of breaking Company updates kicked off with the announcement of the new Vonage brand.

A New Vonage

Vonage is redefining business communications once again. We’re making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal, to help enterprises the world over, stay ahead.

With a new logo, identity and strategy, the Company is reinforcing that it is uniquely able to deliver the collaboration, communications and experience needs of businesses globally.

Vonage has transformed over the past six years through organic growth combined with nine strategic acquisitions to build the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform. By fully leveraging the technology and remarkable talent secured through these acquisitions under the singular Vonage brand, and through a unique and powerful combination of unified communications, contact centers and programmable communications APIs, we’ve built the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

Through nearly 20 years of constant change and disruption in the technology space, Vonage has been a leader. With this brand revitalization, Vonage is leading through change once again, demonstrating its position as a B2B communications SaaS leader for a new era.

Vonage Meetings

The launch of Vonage Meetings was also announced at Vonage Campus, the latest in a series of innovations to VBC, enhancing the Company’s unified communications offering and solidifying its status as the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

Included for all VBC users, Vonage Meetings is giving businesses the ability to activate conversations everywhere. Fully integrated with VBC, Vonage Meetings leverages APIs via the Vonage API Platform to enable collaboration via voice, messaging, SMS, team messaging, social, email - and now video - all within one single interface, and built on a single stack.

With this integrated offering, Vonage is providing businesses with the tools to have conversations in the places where they’re the most productive, empowering employees to directly connect with each other and with customers, across all channels. Vonage Meetings empowers businesses to increase productivity and collaboration among employees, facilitating cross-company meetings via video conference across multiple locations anywhere in the world.

Learn more about Vonage Meetings.

Conversation API

Yet another product announcement at Campus was the newest addition to the Vonage API Platform - the Conversation API. Conversation API enables developers and enterprises to create customized, real-time conversations that maintain context across multiple channels, including messaging and voice.

With so many different communications channels, applications and devices available in today’s hyper-connected and digital world, brands struggle to keep their interactions with customers contextual, personalized and meaningful. By creating superior customer journeys through conversations, the Conversation API helps brands to streamline these interactions.

Retaining context of interactions by connecting various communications channels, even custom or homegrown applications, at every customer touchpoint, Vonage’s Conversation API empowers businesses to seamlessly follow the customer through their preferred mode of communication. From authentication via SMS to customer support via messaging, voice or video - all context is retained, all in a single thread.

Whether that’s:

  • highlighting when an appointment was made
  • logging what pizza toppings were ordered via voice transcription or
  • sending SMS alerts when a package was delivered
these interactions are available to businesses all in one thread, enabling them to add context and meaning to each and every touchpoint.

Learn more about Conversation API.

App Center Ecosystem

The third and final product unveiling was the announcement that the Vonage App Center is live and available to all VBC users. Vonage App Center is built on a flexible microservices architecture that allows partners to deploy business apps from directly within Vonage Business Cloud (VBC), Vonage’s cloud-native unified communications solution.

VBC customers now have access to the Vonage App Center, which includes dozens of applications, add-on features and deep productivity tool integrations that can be accessed with just a simple click. This single point of access for Vonage customers drives productivity and efficiency, and creates a better experience for end-users and their customers.

A dynamic ecosystem of CRM and business applications that integrate seamlessly with Vonage Business Cloud, we built the Vonage App Center on an infrastructure that allows partners to easily create and distribute business apps to our customer base, with the ability to integrate tools directly into their VBC account and applications - all within the familiar VBC platform.

Learn more about the Vonage App Center.

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