Vonage Campus 2019 - Communications drives the experience.

With a nod to Vonage’s nearly 20 year history as a technology disruptor, Masarek noted, “We’re very proud of our heritage.” However, he continued, “If we don’t continue to transform ourselves, we get left behind.”

During his address, Masarek shared how Vonage has continued to transform itself, its products and its services in order to continue to help businesses succeed. He pointed out that, in today’s hyper-connected and increasingly digital world, brands can no longer compete on price, product or availability - that experience is king.

In fact, communications is redefining industries, changing the way banking, insurance, healthcare and so many others do business. Whether that’s enabling online banking in a secure environment, giving healthcare providers a reliable way to connect with patients remotely via video, or empowering customers to submit insurance claims remotely, communications is changing the way we engage with brands across industries, across the globe.

And to address these needs and the expectations of today’s customer, Vonage is making communications more flexible, intelligent and personal so our customers can continue to stay ahead. Vonage’s agility and ever-readiness to be nimble in its offering has been key to helping customers drive great experiences for their employees and their own customers.

“Let’s embrace change.”
- Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO.
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