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Visual Identity - Experience principles

Experience principles


Our experience principles define how Vonage feels to end-users, inspiring teams to build unique, on brand experiences and interactions. 

The act as a decision-making filter for all creation at Vonage. Like our behaviors , they ultimatly set Vonage's team up to design experiences that lead people through change. 


Intuitive, not limiting.


We want our experience to feel easy for people to understand and use.

While we are intuitive, we never want to comprimise flexibility by overloading our experience with signposting or limiting them to too few use cases.

We create experience that make sense to people no matter how they'd like to use us. What's more, every experience is as useful and useable for as many people as possible regardless of ability, location, or digital literacy.

Unified, not siloed.


We want to bring people together.

While we are unified, we never want to compromise on the individuality of our users and our people by fencing them into one format.

We create experiences that can integrate, are customizable, and can pull together all your ways of working as they shift and change with time.



So we -


 - Integrate with all the applications that our customer use most e.g. the next Salesforce.

 - Train customer service employees to champion and sell all parts of the Vonage offer. Unification should enable cross selling.

 - Create internal seating plans that mirror and enable a unified offer to customers. 


Fun, not frivolous.


We want people to enjoy every experience.

While we want things to be fun, we never want to suprise our users in ways that will disrupt their experience. 

We create experienmces that are fun to use and help people solbe problems in deloghtlful ways. Every experience should feel like more than a utility. They should be a welcome part of everyone's day.


So we -


  - Write UX copy ina a way that delights the end user

  - Everyday rituals that make work more fun (e.g.gifting free coffee to colleagues)     

  - Choose you own hold music!

  - Invest in training customer service to make every interaction enjoyable


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