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Visual identity - Motion principles


Motion quite literally brings our visual identity to life. And we use it wherever possible. From product to animated banner ads, motion behaviours help bring life and focus to important things. But with so many opportunities to make things move, we wanted to put some principles in place to make sure that we move in ways that are both purposeful and expressive.

Magical, but mindful

Movements that are unexpected help convey that magic of Vonage technology and solutions, But these movements should always have intentionality to ensure that they're as assistive and supportive as our products. Whether it's showing up to lend a helping hand at just the right moment, or using a nuanced gesture to create a satisfying micro-interaction, we make sure to balance delight with function. 


Swift but smooth

The speed and momentum of our movements help communicate the responsive and seamless nature oif a Vonage experience. But we shuld be careful that quickness doesn't turn into recklessness. Ensuring our movements always have soft take-offs and landings and never feel herky-jerky will reinforce the notion that we move fast, but not so fast that we break things. 


Expressive but essential

Simplifiying communication is at the heart of what we do, Our motion should always reflect tis - using the simplest of gestures and movements possible to ciommunicate ideas and concepts. avoiding too many bells, whistles, and cheap tricks that only add visual interest will help us create a language that does less but expresses more. 


Layout examples

Examples of wide format layouts.

Both versions of our logo lock-up and our symbol can be aligned to any corner within the margin of the composition. Center alignment should only be done using our secondary lock-up.

If communication goal requires to change the logo size, it can get scaled up or down to lock into full columns.

Example of the V logo with motion indicated
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