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Visual identity - Photography


Photography brings a human element to our sytem allowing us to connect with our customers in a direct and cet-through way. But we never want to look like other brands with the same old stock imagery you might see elsewhere.

Our style consists of various treatments to depict differnt subject matter iuncluding portaits, environment and devices - all supported by color and light in ways that make any image ownable and unique to us. 



Portraits depict customers and developers who are empowered by Vonage, through the use of color lighting similar to that of our gradients.

Portraiture can be shot in studio or in natural settings, as long as they are shot against clean backgrounds and utilize color lightling in unique and interesting methods, such as mixed colors or soft color flare. 

Pictures of people in the brand style

Environment and devices

We depict environments and devices in artful and unexpected ways to show a better connected world through the lens of Vonage.

Similar to our portraitures, color and lighting should be intentional and fully embraced. They can be explored in various styles to represent connectivity and technology, e.g. colors in motion, superimosing one place against another, humans interaction with technology in candid, natural manners. 

Example of photographs of places and devices in the brand style
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