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Strategy - Verbal identity

Verbal identity


From the loud moments to the quiet ones, our tome of voice is always important. Designed in a billboard , or spoken in a sales conversations, the Vonage voice is the connective tissue that holds our brand together. And it needs to flex across audiences and shift tones that meet people where they're at.

But language is slippery. One person's idea of funny may not be funny to everyone. Someone else's idea of bold may be too bold, or not bold enough. To help keep things consistent and give writers a way to rationalize thier language choices, we created these tone of voice principles. 

Inclusive, not soft.



We aim to bring people together to strengthen collaboration. So we use language that is inviting and makes people feel like they're part of a team.

While we are inclusive, we don't want to come off as sintimental. So we avoid language that is too soft.



Create a voice everyone wants to talk to

Personalize your calling experience so you have what you need, where you need. With our voice API, you can streamline your inbox and actually find insights that you're looking for.  So you and your team can speand less time looking , an more time doing. 



Delight and Inpire with custom voice applications. 

Personalize the WebRTC and PSTN calling experience with user context and data at your fingertips. Innovate, streamline, and scale with flexible voice capabilities - all on a reliable, high quality global carrier network billed on a per-second basis so you pay only for what you use. 

Irreverent, not elitist.



We aim to inspire imagination. So we use language that provokes thought and breaks conventions.



Liberate your business with the cloud

These days, work happens anywhere, anytime, and in anyway. Free your business up from the constraints of time and place with coud-hosted phone features that can be accessed on any device. 



You'll love our VoIP small buiness solutions like cloud-hosted mobility 

Work happens in more places that the office and long after traditional business hours and done. Your small business phone features can be accessed on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and descktops whenever you need them. 

Fun, not frivolous.



We aim to make tech understandable foir anyone. So we use lanuage that puts the user first. We are thoughtful about how they're using our technology and we write twth that knowledge in mind. 

While we are logical, we don't want to sound impersonal. So we don't use tech or business jargon unless it's helpful to our message. 



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