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Business communication case study: Eubanks Agency

Founded in 1990 by Rich Eubanks, Eubanks Agency, Allstate, is a Marietta, Georgia-based insurance agency that serves hundreds of individuals and families in the Marietta, Atlanta, and Smyrna markets. The agency offers a wide range of insurance policies, including life, home, auto, boat, and more.

I can’t express enough about how excellent Vonage is. It’s flawless. Five out of five stars. An integral part of my business model. I’ve made business decisions I never could’ve made without the Vonage platform.”

Rich Eubanks, Owner, Eubanks Agency, Allstate


Eubanks Agency, Allstate, hoped to capture opportunities that it might miss if its PBX phone system went down during bad weather. And it wanted to avoid submitting a rerouting request to its phone-service provider every time a licensed sales professional (LSP) joined the company. Further, the organization needed to allow agents to use their preferred devices while ensuring that their caller IDs would show the agency’s number. It hoped to give agents instant access to customer account details during calls, bolster their capacity to capture call details, and help them review voicemails as quickly as emails.

Beyond these challenges, the company wanted a way to offer performance feedback to its newer LSPs and intervene during their calls in real time to optimize the customer experience. It needed to deploy a full-featured unified communications solution that would integrate seamlessly with eAgent, the CRM system Allstate agencies use to manage their accounts. Eubanks Agency sought out a provider who was experienced in supporting companies whose business models rely on robust communications. The agency’s goal: to find a resource with a proven record for showing small businesses how to enhance their customer service without adding personnel, leverage cloud communications in innovative ways, and more.


Eubanks Agency chose Vonage for its scalable, next-generation unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform and reputation for successfully stewarding the migrations of countless small businesses to the cloud. The solution allowed the agency to capitalize on all sales opportunities regardless of the season, as well as recruit talented, non-local agents without asking them to relocate to Marietta. Further, it helped the company maintain a professional business presence for its mobile LSPs, give those agents mobile access to the advanced calling features they enjoy in the office or at home, enhance the LSP-training process, measure and improve agent efficacy, and drive customer satisfaction scores.


Ensuring a Superb Experience for Both Customers and Agents

By offering a number of benefit-rich features, the Vonage Business Cloud UCaaS platform supports Eubanks Agency’s agile, no-nonsense approach to providing its customers with prompt, personal attention and its agents with powerful workflow tools:

Call Forwarding.
Whether snow and freezing temperatures bring the Atlanta metropolitan area to a standstill, a family obligation limits an LSP’s on-site availability, or other logistical challenge emerges, Vonage’s call forwarding feature ensures, with a simple touch of a button, that all calls get routed to a live, Eubanks Agency-based agent whenever possible—rather than Allstate’s 24-hour customer support line—which both minimizes missed sales opportunities and maximizes the company’s access to the best work-from-home talent.

With the Vonage Business Cloud mobile app, the organization’s agents can call or text from their personal devices, yet keep their business and personal accounts separate and maintain a professional business presence—even when they’re not in the office—with a caller ID that reflects the agency’s main number.

eAgent Integration. By integrating seamlessly with eAgent, the Vonage platform ensures that all calls, both inbound and outbound, are automatically complemented by an immediate view of the customer’s portfolio, which improves productivity and customer service by eliminating the need to keep customers on hold while an LSP searches for records.

Call Recording and Call Monitoring. In addition to enhancing each agent’s ability to log the facts and details discussed during a call, the call recording feature serves as an invaluable training tool for Eubanks Agency, providing seasoned LSPs opportunities to review calls and constructively critique newer agents. Additionally, the call monitoring feature allows a mentor to “whisper” real-time directions to a trainee without the customer’s knowledge, or even “barge” into a call to facilitate a discussion.

Visual Voicemail. When an LSP receives a voicemail, the Vonage system transcribes it and delivers it as an email, too, which lets the agent prioritize calls at a glance.

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