NetSuite & Vonage Business Integration Helping Firefly Educate Take Productivity to New Heights.

Business communication case study: Firefly Educate

Firefly Educate is a technology consulting company who offers training delivered as a service. The company focuses on New Product Introduction using education strategies that bridge the gap between technology education and sales growth. A recent merger left Firefly’s workforce dispersed throughout the country, with many remote workers. They needed a solution that offered one seamless network which would allow all their teams, new and old, to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Productivity is way up after our partnership with NetSuite and Vonage Business collaborating together. We’ve seen an increase in dials, talk time, demos completed––it’s up at least 40 percent.

Rob Johnson, Chief Financial Officer, Firefly Educate

The Challenge

The post merger situation left Firefly Educate with a previously installed solution that offered only software upgrades. Additionally, the existing solution was installed on only a few of the organization’s machines, forcing workers to use those machines when doing call reporting. Also, there was no Click-to-Call from their CRM. This greatly impacted efficiency and accuracy as Firefly teams were physically dialing hundreds of calls a day -- versus simply clicking a button.

Deliver Better Business Outcomes

The NetSuite and Vonage® Business collaboration provided one integrated solution for Firefly Educate which allowed them to connect their dispersed workforce. According to Mr. Johnson, “I would say the collaboration piece was the biggest thing for us -- to help our organization communicate with one another. Both NetSuite and Vonage understood the importance of bringing together our newly merged organization.”


“We looked at several other well respected solutions,” said Mr. Johnson, but the Vonage Business integration with NetSuite was the clincher.” “When you have a CRM like NetSuite, or Salesforce which we have moved our people onto, you do a ton of upgrades making it your own. When you begin an integration, it’s set for what comes out of the box, it’s not set for all your custom fields. Vonage took that as a challenge and made it specific to our needs here. I couldn’t be happier with the results.” Now Firefly has a dynamic and user friendly interface with custom fields for each department - their support team, lead gen department and sales all have personalized dashboards. “The results are almost immeasurable how much more effective we are now, than our previous solution, said Mr. Johnson.”

An Added Bonus. Lower IT Costs.

With the NetSuite and Vonage Business integrated solution, support costs are now much lower. There is no need for IT to manage the new system and the call center needs little support to manage its phones. Firefly IT can focus their time working on other business-critical tasks.”

Also, with no hardware on the premises, there are no network outages and no equipment breakdowns. Cooling the server room is no longer an issue because hardware is minimal. “We were able to turn off a lot of the hardware used for previous solution, reducing our cooling costs...and Arizona summers can sometimes reach 120 degrees,” exclaimed Mr. Johnson.

Click-To-Call. The Final Piece To Success.

Mr. Johnson explained the practical benefits the new solution provides. “For our teams a custom dashboard pops up whenever the phone rings. The team member knows who’s calling and has the ability to complete a call form without having to actually go into the CRM.”

The system logs each call and the call notes, integrating the phone system with the CRM and providing productivity metrics. This was significant for Firefly, previously they were relying on humans to manually log every call. “With Click-To-Call it’s automatically done, the system takes over and logs each call then gives us the metrics we can pull right out of our CRM. “It’s an amazing time saver,” said Johnson. “It’s perfect.”

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