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Business communication case study: Meikle West, LLC

Christopher Meikle is a workers’ compensation attorney based in New Jersey. His law firm, Meikle West, LLC, has three locations throughout the state. Law firm attorneys face many challenges, including long hours, the pressure to keep track of billable hours, and constant client demands.

We’re very email and phone driven; we have our cell phones and laptops on us at all times. We’re a paperless company, as are all of our corporate clients, so the need for a system that could automatically log all of our calls was incredibly important.

Christopher Meikle, Partner, Meikle West, LLC


Before making the leap to the cloud with a Vonage Business Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution, Meikle West was using a traditional telecom company for all of its voice needs, which required its attorneys to estimate the number and length of calls minutes, hours or even days after the fact.

Previously, there was the potential to underestimate the actual time spent speaking with clients. Not only were the firm’s employees losing productivity by spending so much time on administrative work, the firm was also losing money overall in missed billable hours.

With its constant on-the-go demands, Meikle West needed a solution that would provide attorneys the flexibility of working when and where they wanted to, while seamlessly integrating with mission critical business applications such as Clio, as well as email, instant messaging, voice, and videoconferencing.


By switching to a Vonage Business UCaaS solution, Meikle West is now able to log the origination and duration of each phone call through in real-time. Through the integration with Clio law practice management software, Vonage allows Meikle West employees to accurately and securely reach more of their customers from desk phones, soft phones and mobile phones. With this integration, they can also automatically track these interactions for reporting and billing purposes, to ensure accurate accounting of current clients and/or new inquiries.

“The Vonage for Clio integration is a great product,” says Christopher Meikle. "From a workflow standpoint, all calls are logged and we can bill as we go, or use the accurate time capture feature at a later time. The time capture is the most important feature for us, as it logs the call length and origination. And with the mobile app, I receive alerts that allow me to see and take calls remotely, even when I’m in court.”


Since moving to Vonage Business, Meikle West has made logged calls the norm, with an approximately 10% increase in time capture and billable hours. Time-stamping also makes the company’s billing system audit-proof.

With Vonage’s Clio integration, the firm has improved overall workflow integration and mobility, as well as profitability. Now that calls can be auto-logged from all phones, ensuring accurate accounting, lost billable hours have been reduced. The integration also costs less than competing solutions, and resides entirely in the cloud for a direct course of inputting and accessing data at anytime.

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