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Business communication case study: Private Jets, Inc.

Private Jets, Inc. relies on its ability to answer calls anytime, as well as its ability to quickly adapt to the needs of its customers. Their previous phone service wasn’t cutting it. The Vonage® Business Cloud solution gave them a cloud-hosted system that allowed their far-spread offices to stay in sync. With better mobility their employees could stay on top of calls while keeping up with the fast-paced demands of their industry.

If we didn’t have the Vonage internet phone service, it would be really hard to do what we do—because we’d have to be tied to the office all the time.

Candy Lovin, Charter Operations Manager, Private Jets, Inc.

Since 1987, Private Jets, Inc. has built a reputation on dependable service and a superior customer experience. The growing air charter company now counts 40 employees and 15 planes, with locations in four U.S. cities, including its home base in Oklahoma City. This footprint enables Private Jets to arrange charters across the U.S., and to Canada, the Bahamas and South America.

Working on the fly with a flexible phone service

For a thriving private air charter business, every day is unique and every flight involves precision planning, logistics and communications. It takes just one call to the Private Jets Charter Line to mobilize a flight and—with clients like LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma—that call may come in the middle of the night. So, agile and reliable business phone service is absolutely critical. Unfortunately, Private Jets’ previous provider was letting them down. “We were missing calls left and right,” says Charter Operations Manager Candy Lovin. “We couldn’t even measure the amount of business we lost, because people weren’t able to get through to us.” Wasting no time, she spearheaded a full-scale search to find a better, more dependable business phone service.

Cloud-hosted reliability maximizes up-time

With Lovin’s recommendation, the company selected cloud communications from Vonage Business—and that’s where Private Jets’ story of reliable service continues. Lovin reflects on their ongoing work with LifeShare: “A lot of their organ transports occur in the middle of the night, so we have to be ready to go,” she emphasizes. “If we didn’t have the Vonage internet phone service, it would be really hard to do what we do—because we’d have to be tied to the office all the time.”

Multiple offices, one seamlessly connected system

Whether it’s a call on the Charter Line in the wee hours, or coordinating flights throughout the day, the Private Jets team relies on their Vonage business phone service. Cloud-hosting seamlessly connects Private Jets’ four locations. Offices in Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Sugarland and Naples are tied together on the same phone system.

40+ features fuel productivity and efficiency

Vonage phones plug into high-speed internet, with no on-site PBX equipment required making it easier for them to use their powerful business phone features seamlessly from all their locations.

Virtual Receptionist directs call flow. Lovin’s team customizes this feature to make it easy for callers to directly reach Operations, Maintenance, etc., at any time. For urgent bookings after hours, they’ve set the VR to forward calls remotely to three managers, ringing them consecutively as needed.

Call Group delivers calls to multiple extensions, simultaneously. Daytime calls to the Charter Line are directed via Call Group to three managers in the Oklahoma City office—ringing simultaneously to ensure every call is answered.

Mobile App allows a business presence on the go. The Private Jets team also has access to the Vonage® mobile app that integrates employees into the phone system when they’re away from the office.

Admin Portal makes system customization easy. This portal lets Private Jets customize features on the fly to control and enhance the customer calling experience, and it’s where they access Call Logs to keep an eye on call activity across the company.

Sky-high success with Vonage

For the Private Jets team, reliable business phone service is non-negotiable. “Our Charter Line is our bread and butter,” says Lovin. “We answer the phones 24/7/365, and we get our calls anywhere and anytime—and that’s the greatest thing about using the Vonage Business service.” Employees are also using more of their 40+ calling features to improve internal communications and stay in sync. Over the years, this family-owned business has proudly built a service that corporate and private travelers can count on. And reliable business phone service is essential to Private Jets’ success. As Candy Lovin puts it: “We don’t want to miss business.”
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