Marketing firm hits the target with Vonage Business

Business communication case study: RMR & Associates

RMR & Associates was hindered by its aging business phone system that made working across multiple offices cumbersome. Their Vonage Enterprise solution provided them with powerful, real-time audio and web conferencing capabilities and robust cloud services on a UCaaS platform that let them scale quickly, get more work done on the go, and seamlessly connect multiple offices.

Through Vonage’s service, RMR was able to continue to deliver on our promise and generate remarkable marketing results for our clients.

Robyn Sachs, President and CEO, RMR & Associates

Veteran marketing firm RMR & Associates, Inc. (RMR) has earned a reputation for delivering remarkable results. The Rockville, Maryland-based agency boasts hundreds of successful integrated marketing campaigns over nearly three decades. They regularly measure performance and streamline campaigns over time. That same approach applies to relationship-building and collaborative communications that nurture their client partnerships, often with the help of cloud technology.

Create efficiencies with real-time collaboration

With the growth of RMR’s client base, its aging telecommunications system could no longer handle the elevated needs of the agency and its customers. Multiple overlapping conference calls, for example, created logistical problems and an increase in vendor bills. In addition, agency expansion to Chicago and across Florida brought on new challenges in regards to keeping employees and clients connected and in upholding the quality standards and reliability that clients expect. With more employees on the go and working remotely, the need to keep them productive and connected was critical.

Boost productivity with powerful phone features

RMR chose Vonage® Business to provide a reliable and private cloud-based phone system that would help increase productivity and protect the bottom line. Resulting improvements include:

4-Digit Dialing:  RMR employees now have easy access to one another through 4-digit extension dialing, voicemail and direct lines on the go.

Online Web Conferencing Port:  Simultaneous conference calls can now be scheduled at once – in-office or remotely.

Business Continuity:  When extreme weather shuts down most of the Washington, DC metro region, remote system access keeps employees connected to each other and to customers – so business continues without interruption.

Vonage solutions move the needle

RMR thrives on delivering quality work for clients and meeting tight deadlines. Their Vonage Business solution helps them maximize communications and employee resources.“Through Vonage’s service, RMR was able to continue to deliver on our promise and generate remarkable marketing results for our clients,” says Robyn Sachs, President and CEO, RMR & Associates.
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