Anonymous Question Tool

Collect anonymous, real-time questions and feedback from employees using an easily accessible, fully integrated tool.

How It Works

Spark discussion securely and anonymously.
A meeting attendee starts a conversation.
Employees start a conversation with the All Hands Questions Bot in their business collaboration tool by typing "Get started" in the UI window. They can also interact via SMS sent to a predetermined number.
Employees send questions anonymously.
Using SMS or the chatbot, employees submit any questions or feedback relevant to the meeting.
Management receives the submissions.
Once employees confirm they want to send their question via SMS or the chatbot, the tool encodes the messages for anonymity and sends them to management for review in real time.

Communications API Integration

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Honest feedback fosters progress.
Fearless feedback leads to better engagement.
Employees often hesitate to participate in meetings due to a lack of anonymity and fear of judgment. Using the Anonymous Question Tool, meeting participants can use SMS or Facebook Workplace to give anonymous feedback. This encourages honest responses and a more productive exchange of ideas.
Informed management is more effective.
The Anonymous Question Tool effectively collects questions, commentary, and suggestions from employees. Managers can use this data to gauge the effectiveness of present and future initiatives and guide their teams in more productive and profitable directions.

Building Blocks

Your business collaboration tools

How can Vonage Help?
Get dynamic feedback through improved interaction.
Through guaranteed anonymity, employees now have the confidence to provide the type of useful, open, and honest real-time communication that can help management gain fresh perspectives to improve the workplace.
Simplify accessibility.
The Anonymous Question Tool is easily accessible through SMS messaging or your business collaboration software — accessibility that provides a valuable, interactive element to meetings. This boosts employee engagement and fosters frank discussion and forward progress.
Seamlessly integrate with existing collaboration systems.
The Anonymous Question Tool integrates with your communications solutions — including Slack, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Team — and leverages them to deliver an effective data-mining tool that's approachable and easy to use for management and employees alike.
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