Appointment Reminders

Schedule SMS appointment reminders with a speak-to-agent function for rescheduling.

How It Works

No-shows are a thing of the past.
The customer receives an SMS reminder.
The customer gets an SMS alert on their device, reminding them of a pending appointment.
Live assistance is offered for rescheduling.
The customer then has the option of either confirming the appointment or opting to speak to a live agent to reschedule.
An agent automatically receives caller details.
A live agent receives the customer’s pertinent details via an automated phone call, keeping the customer from having to repeat their information.
The agent reschedules the appointment.
The live agent is then automatically connected to the customer, where they can easily reschedule the appointment, saving the caller precious time and improving workflow and overall experience.

Talk To Customers Their Way

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Timely reminders are better for business — whatever your business.
Put an end to missed appointments.
Appointment Reminders uses SMS and prompts for live chat to re-engage customers and notify them of an upcoming appointment in a timely fashion, whether it’s a health checkup, auto repair quote, or dinner reservation. Customers who need to reschedule can do so easily and quickly because the agent already has all the relevant information at hand.
Salvage lost revenue.
Missed appointments and reservations lead to lost revenue. By providing timely reminders and easy rescheduling, your business can more promptly fill newly open appointment slots, improving revenue flow.

How can Vonage Help?
Streamline scheduling — and rescheduling.
By utilizing simple yet effective SMS messaging, your organization can keep in contact with customers, help them remember their important appointments, and showcase the value proposition of your relationship.
Make communications easier for everyone.
Because agents receive a caller's information prior to the call being connected, it saves time for both callers and staff. If your staff already knows, for example, that a customer prefers a particular therapist for their weekly PT appointment, you can quickly and easily re-slot their appointment for that therapist’s next available opening.
Ensure open appointment times are filled promptly.
With improved client communications, your organization has the opportunity to fill newly open appointment slots well ahead of time to avoid lost revenue and offer more flexibility to clients.
Find out how Vonage can help your business communicate better.

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