Caller ID Bot

Don't let missed calls turn into missed opportunities. Give your team the power to respond to missed callers with the tap of a button.

How It Works

Keep your team available whenever, wherever.
Integrate the bot.
Users set up the Caller ID Bot in their business collaboration tool. They tap the "Get Started" UI button, and click a link to log in to their Vonage Business Cloud account.
Manage incoming calls.
The Caller ID Bot incorporates your Vonage Business Cloud features to monitor incoming or outgoing calls from users' Vonage Business phone number. If users miss a call, the Bot offers them various options to respond to callers in real time — even if they don't have their business device in-hand.
Options on tap.
Occupied in a meeting? Tap "Busy" to send a standard SMS quick-reply to the caller, or tap "Reply" to enter a custom response. When the time is right, a tap of the click-to-call "Callback" button dials up the missed caller.

Communications API Integration

Download this exclusive Frost & Sullivan whitepaper, and learn about a sustainable approach to CPaaS and communications API integration.



AI assistants: Answering the call.
A subtle response to an urgent need.
The Caller ID Bot integrates with Vonage Business Cloud to help your team refine and improve interpersonal communications. Whether they're in transit, in a meeting, or simply tied up with other core responsibilities, employees can now acknowledge missed callers with the tap of a button. And because the Bot allows them to respond without direct access to their business device, your team will never miss a beat.
Simplify your team's communications capabilities — and increase their availability.
The Caller ID Bot enhances the benefits of your Vonage Business Cloud features by enabling even better communication to get more done. Now, employees can communicate instantaneously and easily initiate and answer calls without ever dialing a contact's number.

Building Blocks

Your business collaboration tools

How can Vonage Help?
Minimize interruptions, streamline responses.
Your team's meetings have surely been interrupted by urgent business calls at least once. The recipient gets distracted and starts weighing their options — leave the meeting and call now? Text the caller back? Maybe an email? All the while, the meeting continues without their attention. With the Vonage Caller ID Bot, users can quickly and discreetly tap a button to respond to callers with an SMS.
Access caller data without business devices in-hand.
The Vonage Caller ID Bot allows users to seamlessly access their Vonage Business phone records and data. Users don't need their business device to respond to missed calls — the Bot offers that functionality on any connected device.
Modernize your communications capabilities.
A variety of one-click interactions empowers users with access to their business device data from wherever they are. They can easily send a text or initiate calls with missed connections from the same alert, facilitating faster, more intuitive communications with minimal effort and interruption.
Find out how Vonage can help your business communicate better.

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