"See What I See" Conference API

Use real-time video conferencing to let customers peek under the hood during car repairs.

How It Works

Get instant feedback on repairs with live video conferencing.
The technician messages the customer.
An auto technician reaches out to a customer via SMS to provide an update on the status of their car repairs.
The customer joins the video conference.
The customer receives the SMS, which contains an invitation to chat via video conference. They accept the invitation and join a live video feed inside the service facility.
The technician shows repairs in real time.
The auto technician can explain the diagnosis and any work that may be necessary, all while showing the customer the damage and associated repairs live via the video feed.

Talk To Customers Their Way

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Invite the customer into the repair shop — virtually.
Get faster resolutions with live updates.
Offer instant updates through both SMS alerts and live video conferencing. Get customer approval for repairs and associated costs in real time, putting drivers back on the road faster.
Inform and empower customers.
Cutting-edge communications combining voice, video, and text allow users to be virtually present in the room while service results are analyzed together with the mechanic. This real-time dialogue empowers customers and increases overall satisfaction with the service experience.

How can Vonage Help?
Give customers more control.
Since customers can interact with technicians in real time via video conferencing, they have more control over decisions about their vehicle.
Maintain full transparency.
Remove the ambiguity and anxiety of automotive work and hold technicians to a higher standard. Necessary repairs can be discussed with customers through HD live video, increasing customer trust and confidence.
Engage customers and cut back on frustration.
Video facilitates instant decision-making and real-time feedback, helping customers and technicians communicate more clearly and cutting down on miscommunications — and frustration.
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