Support Bot

Let shoppers interact with your online storefront how and when they want using a seamlessly integrated chat API.

How It Works

Tailored AI assistance that works.
The chatbot initiates a virtual meet and greet on a retail store’s website.
Shoppers navigate to your storefront and are greeted with a customizable chat message from the chatbot.
Shoppers search for products.
Shoppers can search for products by typing "Find Products" into the chat window, followed by targeted keywords. The chatbot responds in real time with matching product results and their variants.
Chatbot provides additional info.
Pre-program the chatbot with the information your customers find valuable. Detailed product info, size and color options, local pick-up availability — the chatbot can support as much info as you want to add. If shoppers are interested in a particular product, for example, they can type "Product Information." The chatbot then displays comprehensive notes and descriptions about the desired product.
Make the sale.
Once shoppers are satisfied, they can make the purchase by typing "Add to Cart." The product is then added to their virtual cart for checkout.
Connect directly with customers.
If shoppers have deeper inquiries about a product, the eCommerce Support Bot offers the option to connect the customer with a live agent in just one click. Shoppers then connect with live agents who can promptly answer any and all questions via chat using the Vonage Business app. Storeowners can follow these inquiries in their own Vonage Business app and respond directly with deep product knowledge and useful guidance when necessary.

Talk To Customers Their Way

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Simple, meaningful, fully integrated communications.
Connect with your e-commerce customers.
Give online shoppers a simple and intuitive way to contact your team right from your storefront. Easy to integrate into your existing website, the E-Commerce Support Bot provides undeniable value in its ability to create simple, consolidated RTCs between your team and your customers. The chatbot further enhances the shopping experience as a guide to specific products and information.
Advanced tech. Simple answers.
E-commerce customers want as much detail as they can get about products, shipping, delivery, and purchasing policies. With the live support capabilities the chatbot enables, customers can get the information they crave quickly with a few simple text commands. All customer interactions are consolidated in your Vonage Business Cloud app, where you can respond as necessary, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Building Blocks

Your e-commerce website
Chat API

How can Vonage Help?
Save costs, save time.
The E-commerce Support Bot allows candid and direct interaction with your e-commerce customers — without the need to code such functionality from scratch. Not only does this free up your dev resources to focus on other items in the backlog, it boosts your bottom line by eliminating the need to scale out your customer service team.
Real-time response to customer inquiries.
The chatbot embedded in the E-commerce Support Bot responds to customer inquiries directly and instantaneously from a user-friendly interface. This flexible, scalable solution allows customers to make more informed purchases more quickly than ever before.
Enhanced round-the-clock customer engagement.
On top of the communication options the chatbot offers, your e-commerce customers can talk live with one of your representatives with the click of a button. This enhanced customer engagement eliminates tedious call wait times or back-and-forth emails.
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