Start your relationships off on the right foot. Let prospects know their sales rep is just a few blocks away with an automated SMS.

How It Works

Let the app break the ice.
Download the application.
Your sales team downloads the IceBreaker app and syncs it with their cloud-based calendar app and contact info.
Keep client information current.
All your team needs to do is keep the information in their cloud-based calendar app up to date with meeting and prospect info. IceBreaker will automatically resolve meeting dates and times, names, phone numbers, locations, and any relevant notes.
Notify your team's prospect.
When the sales rep is a few minutes away, the prospect will receive a helpful SMS notification alerting them to the upcoming arrival.

Talk To Customers Their Way

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Don't keep your customers guessing
Provide live location updates.
It's not always possible (or safe) for your sales team to give their prospects a heads-up when they're on the road. Integrated GPS capabilities and proximity-based mobile technologies enable personalized, geofenced ETA communications between your team and their prospects.
Engage with your customers via the channel they prefer.
The workforce continues to skew younger. Sixty-three percent of millennials prefer texting* as their primary method of communication because it’s less disruptive than a voice call. IceBreaker helps your sales team establish rapport by meeting customers on their level with efficient, automated SMS messages.


How can Vonage Help?
Foster effortless engagement.
Revolutionize your sales team’s communication process with the power of automation. IceBreaker efficiently and effortlessly engages prospects with customizable SMS messages that are triggered automatically — no need to type or tap send.
Tap into the value of geofenced communications.
Further augment powerful communications capabilities with IceBreaker's built-in geofencing technology. With location-based services forecasted to continue growing into the future, the value of easily initiating conversations can't be overstated.
Help ease the stress on sales.
Your sales team knows how important first impressions are. Help them build trust and respect with prospects by giving them the right tools. The IceBreaker app kicks off the conversation for them while they're en route, giving prospective customers time to prepare for their arrival.
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