Itinerary Updates Tool

Update travelers on itinerary changes or flight cancellations via SMS alerts and live voice support. By calling back the number from which the SMS was sent, passengers can speak directly with a care agent.

How It Works

Personalized service to keep travelers moving.
A flight gets canceled.
At the last minute, the airline changes the itinerary for all its passengers.
Passengers receive an SMS alert with live-call option.
Passengers immediately receive an SMS alert with the details of their itinerary changes. They can opt to connect with a live care agent by calling back the phone number.
A care agent gets traveler details.
An available agent receives a call with an automated summary of the passenger's situation.
The care agent provides personalized live assistance.
The care agent, prepared with details about the passenger's unique situation, calls them and provides personalized assistance.

Communications API Integration

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Everyone benefits from faster, more efficient service.
Reduce traveler frustration.
Traveling is stressful enough, even when things run smoothly — which they often don't. The Itinerary Updates tool provides real-time messaging with elective voice triggers, giving travelers timely SMS alerts about time or gate changes, delays, or cancellations. By calling back the number from which the SMS was sent, passengers can speak directly with a care agent — no waiting in lines or being placed on hold.
Provide quicker and more effective customer care.
Through an integrated cloud contact center and automatic call distribution software, the Itinerary Updates tool automatically relays a traveler's itinerary details to a customer care agent. Being prepared with accurate, up-to-date information allows the agent to help the traveler more quickly and effectively — getting the passenger on track to their destination faster, and freeing the agent up sooner to assist other customers.

How can Vonage Help?
Instantly update travel details.
Modern communication APIs allow travel companies to integrate web and mobile applications to provide itinerary change information without skipping a beat. With these instant updates, travelers get the details they need sent right to their devices so they can make alternate arrangements and be more quickly on their way.
Seamlessly integrate solutions.
With its optional live assistance feature, the Itinerary Update tool creates seamless collaboration between travelers and care agents. The modern, cloud-based automatic call distributor (ACD) eliminates the need for callers to reiterate tedious destination information and modifications, letting the care agents more quickly provide alternative travel options.
Improved efficiency and scalability for travel agencies.
Connected live care agents have all the traveler's information at their fingertips, enabling them to work more efficiently to resolve problems. This helps deliver expedient solutions and improves first-call resolutions, leading to greater overall productivity — and happier, more loyal customers.
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