Patient Alerts

Help patients take control of their health. Automate critical communications from your practice with SMS reminders.

How It Works

Improve your patient engagement with modern, time-saving tech.
Access Patient Alerts
Physicians and other staff open the purpose-built Patient Alerts tool and log in to use the intuitive UI.
Conduct the patient search.
A search is completed by using the patient's name, phone number, or patient ID. Once the patient is found, a member of the medical staff can view all of their information and familiarize themselves with the patient's scheduled tasks and regimens.
Arrange the SMS reminder.
Medical technicians can compose an SMS reminder to send immediately or select the Schedule Out option to compose a reminder for future delivery. The patient will receive an alert on their mobile device at the predetermined time.

Talk To Patients Their Way

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A tap on the screen is a tap on the shoulder.
Give patients a friendly reminder.
Sometimes patients need a nudge to get them more engaged with their health. By seamlessly integrating the Patient Alerts tool with your practice management software, your staff can send SMS alerts to gently remind patients to schedule follow-up appointments, refill prescriptions, or conduct other beneficial health-related activities.
Improve staff productivity.
Medical staff should be putting their time and energy into providing optimal patient care. Manually reaching out to patients to remind them about their personal medical responsibilities diverts that attention. Because the Patient Alerts tool automates SMS messaging, medical personnel can pre-plan their communications well in advance and focus on other core responsibilities.
Minimize no-shows and boost the bottom line.
With patient no-show rates fluctuating between 5 and 30 percent nationwide, the healthcare industry loses roughly $150 billion per year due to missed appointments. Get out ahead of potential no-shows by engaging your patients with automated alerts and reminders, saving your practice money that would otherwise have been lost.

Building Blocks

How can Vonage Help?
Automate patient communications.
Emails and phone calls that used to take a handful of staff days to complete can now be set up once and fully automated by one motivated individual with the right technology. SMS reminders can reach more patients more quickly than ever before, improving workflow and overall productivity.
Integrate seamlessly with existing software.
Easy integration with practice management software means physicians and staff can view patient records and progress reports, then pivot straight to the Patient Alerts tool to send updates, reminders, or follow-up activities.
Help patients improve their own health.
By automating the medical reminder process, patients can take control of their own health. Doctors and medical staff are able to deliver better health outcomes through consistent, simplified, integrated communications capabilities.
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