Patient Screen Pop

Automatically access a patient's full medical record the moment they call your practice.

How It Works

Empower your staff with instant record access
Patient calls seeking services.
The patient calls their medical provider's practice to schedule an appointment, ask a question, or refill a prescription.
Patient Screen Pop auto-searches patient records.
The incoming phone number triggers the Patient Screen Pop, which searches the practice management system (PMS) and retrieves the record that corresponds to the phone number.
The patient's information is automatically displayed.
Once the matching record is located, it displays on your staff member's screen, helping them provide quicker and more thorough service to the patient.

Communications API Integration

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Focus on the patient, not the record keeping.
Streamline medical record retrieval.
An incoming call triggers Patient Screen Pop to retrieve, auto-populate, and update patient information. Staff no longer need to search through the system, allowing them to focus on what matters: the patient.
Expedite and improve patient service.
Repetitive healthcare questionnaires become obsolete. Healthcare professionals have a patient's entire medical history at their fingertips, expediting workflow processes and providing instant insights into patient treatment.

Building Blocks

Your practice management system (PMS)

How can Vonage Help?
Improve workflow for better patient care.
Patient Screen Pop streamlines the retrieval of important patient information and delivers it directly to staff, improving both record-keeping capabilities and workflow functionality.
Consistently resolve issues on the first call.
Staff members are proactively armed with a patient's full medical history, enabling timely conversations about appointments, follow-ups, treatments, and medications.
Collect crucial patient insights.
By integrating Patient Screen Pop with a PMS, valuable patient information is automatically collected and updated, giving healthcare professionals the most accurate, holistic insights on a patient's history and letting them focus more of their attention on care.
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