Call Blocking

Interested in a Vonage® business phone system?

Block calls, inbound or outbound, according to your needs.


Block call, both inbound or outbound, based on an area code, number or other options like 411 or international calls. Call Blocking is available for your entire account, or just a single extension.


Call Blocking can quickly be set up via your Admin Portal. Start by creating a rule for either your entire account, or for a specific user, then enter your parameters. You can create notes as to why you chose to block a number, and change rules as you go if you need to unblock. Additionally, Call Blocking can easily be used in conjunction with your Call Log, allowing you to select and block numbers according to your needs. Should users want to block calls on their own extensions, Call Blocking is also available through the User Portal.


  • Maximize employee productivity by eliminating unnecessary calls, both inbound and outbound.
  • Create rules for your entire account, or just a specific extension.
  • Reference your Call Log to quickly identify and evaluate your call blocking requirements.
  • View or edit your rules at any time through the Admin Portal.
  • Individual users can create call blocking rules for their extension.


Call Blocking is part of Vonage’s 40+ included features that come with every account. Just log into your Admin Portal and start setting up your call blocking rules. If you need further help, a Customer Service representative will always be happy to help you.
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