Call Monitoring

$49.99 / mo / per account
plus taxes and fees. High speed internet required.
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“Monitor” calls, “whisper” to employees, or “barge” in to help.


Call Monitoring is an empowering tool that helps supervisors train and manage sales and customer service staff in real time. This add-on feature allows authorized users to listen in on and “monitor” calls, “whisper” to the agent being monitored, and also “barge” into the call to help facilitate a discussion.

The value of the tool is the unique ability to know firsthand how front-line employees are engaging with your customers and prospects. Real-time monitoring offers prime opportunities to coach and train employees, and the tool is especially valuable for growing companies whose business relies on productive teams and consistent performance.

Prefer to also listen to recordings of your team’s calls? Consider adding Company-Wide Call Recording to your account.


Supervisors can easily monitor any extension on the account they select. They can even access the feature remotely from their smart phone or laptop using the mobile or desktop app. Once an extension is selected and monitoring begins, switching between “monitor,” “whisper” and “barge” modes can be done with a simple keystroke. For such a powerful feature, it’s extremely intuitive and simple, and the benefits to the employee—and the organization—can be substantial.

How to set up Call Monitoring.


  • Seamlessly monitor calls of sales and service staff, and engage as needed with “whisper” and “barge” capabilities.
  • Utilize the service as a training or coaching tool to improve the quality of interactions and performance.
  • Use PIN numbers to ensure that only approved users can monitor calls.
  • Access the service remotely via mobile and desktop apps.
  • For transparency, an optional legal announcement can be configured from your online account portal and incorporated into your protocol.
  • Call Monitoring is an excellent training tool which helps improve quality and performance.


Call Monitoring is included with your purchase of a Vonage® Business Cloud phone system. Setting up Call Monitoring is easy and can be managed through your online portals, plus our business phone specialists are available to help if you need it.
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