Call Screening

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Answer only the important calls after screening each.


Like many business professionals, you don’t have time to field unwanted calls in the course of a busy work day. Our Call Screening service enables you to control your calls before you decide to answer them. Call Screening lets you configure a protocol for inbound callers to identify themselves by recording their name, which gives you just what you need to decide how you wish to handle the call—whether it’s forwarding the call, sending it to voicemail or answering it.


When callers dial your direct number, they are prompted to record their name. While the caller remains on the line, your extension rings for you to answer—and then plays the callers recorded name and offers you a list of options. At this point you can screen the call to your preference: transfer it, send it to voicemail or answer the call. As a result of this call screening protocol, you only answer calls you want to receive.


  • Let callers announce themselves before you answer the line.
  • Find out who is on the line, before you decide how to handle the call.
  • With a simple keypad selection, choose how you wish to handle the call: send to voicemail, transfer, or answer it
  • Customize your call screen greeting by either recording your voice or uploading a .WAV or MP3 file


Call Screening is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage® Business Cloud phone system. Setting up Call Screening is easy and can be managed through your online portals, plus our business phone specialists are available to help if you need it.
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