“Never Miss a Call”

Interested in a Vonage® business phone system?

A full suite of mobility options to route calls. At home, or away.


This suite of mobility features lets you choose how to route calls when you’re away from the office. Our “Never Miss a Call” features include Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, or Follow Me , Voicemail and Do Not Disturb.


Go to your User Portal, Desktop or Mobile App and quickly select one of our “Never Miss a Call” features (let’s use Call Forwarding, for this example). When you select Call Forwarding;, all incoming calls to your office extension are automatically forwarded to the phone number you’ve pre-designated. Use this same process for enabling any feature in the “Never Miss a Call” suite.


  • Manage call routing anytime you’re away from your desk.
  • Cut down on missed calls when you’re away.
  • Select your preferred mobility feature from your User Portal, Desktop or Mobile App (or on the Admin Portal by your system administrator).
  • Direct how your calls are managed when you’re away from your desk with any one of these mobility features:

    Call Forwarding: Forward calls automatically to another extension or number.

    Follow Me: Forward your calls to multiple numbers, ringing in sequence.

    Simultaneous Ring: Set inbound calls to ring on multiple numbers you choose.

    Voicemail: Choose the number of rings before calls move to voicemail.

    Do Not Disturb: When you can’t take calls, move callers directly to voicemail.


You can quickly activate any of the five “Never Miss a Call” features on your User Portal, Desktop or Mobile App – or on the Admin Portal; by your account administrator. Simple steps in advance are required to ensure call routing is customized to your preference (e.g., choosing phone numbers to which your calls should be forwarded). Instructional details are available on our Support Website, and you can always call a Customer Care representative for assistance.
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