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Each VoIP extension comes with its own virtual voicemail box, allowing employees to have secure access to messages. You can check messages from the Vonage Business Mobile App for iPhone® or Android®, from your phone or from your User Portal.* The virtual voicemail box can be programmed to send business voicemails to email, as well as play different messages for different calls and when you are out of the office.

*Mobile data charges may apply.


You can chose from four customizable business voicemail greetings:

Name Greeting: This business voicemail greetings will only play if your virtual voicemail account is configured with a dial-by-name directory. What this means is that callers can reach an extension by dialing the first few letters of the first or last name. This directory is configured through the virtual receptionist. When callers enter your name, this name greeting will play to ensure them they have dialed correctly.

Unavailable Greeting: This greeting will play if you do not answer your phone, either because you are out of the office or when you are on a call and the second line on your phone rings.

Busy Greeting: This greeting will play if your phone is on “Do Not Disturb,” or if you receive a call when all other line appearances on your phone are in use.

Vacation Greeting: This greeting will play in place of the unavailable and busy message for as long as the box is checked. In order to revert to your original unavailable and busy greeting, you must uncheck the box.


  • Customize your business voicemail greetings and easily change as needed
  • Check messages securely and quickly
  • Each extension receives it’s own unique business voicemail box


Voicemail is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage® Business Cloud phone system. Setting up Voicemail is easy and can be managed through your User Portal.
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