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Chat API

Connect where your customers already are via our chat API from Nexmo™

Interact with your customers via their favorite social messaging apps like Facebook® Messenger, WeChat®, Viber®, and more.

Join the social revolution.

With access to billions of users on the social apps they already love, you can communicate in real-time to provide added value like support, loyalty incentives, and even transactions.

Get access with a single API.

With just one API for many leading social apps, we eliminate the need for additional tools. Plus, our chat API can integrate with your CRM and enhance your user profiles.

In good company.

Businesses around the world rely on our communication APIs, like:
Features you (and your customers) will love.
Enterprise support
Get super-speedy, knowledgeable assistance.
Data insights
Track engagement and who’s opted-in.
Account management
Easily add, remove, or update chat app connections.
Customize templates, pre-record voice calls, and configure time between retries.
Block spam and fraud
Detect and block numbers that are used for spam and fraud.
"Nexmo's developer relations team have been super helpful overcoming any issues I've encountered...All issues overcome have later been reflected in their documentation to help other developers."
Marcus Noble, Developer
Build it your way, and keep your developers happy.

Your developers will get our ready-to-use, high-quality chat API, plus super-speedy support and a rockstar community network.

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