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Phone Number Insights API

Gain data that helps you communicate smarter with our phone number insights API from Nexmo™

With real-time insights on any phone number in the world, you’ll keep your data clean—and make your communication efforts more effective.

Optimize your operations with better data.

Identify valid numbers and determine if they’re mobile or landline, plus their location, carrier, and more—all with our single number insights API. You’ll know when, where, and how to reach out for maximum impact (and reduced delivery errors).

Manage risk in real-time.

Detect numbers that put you at risk for spam and fraud. Block account creation with suspicious numbers, or trigger a two-factor authentication process.

In good company.

Businesses around the world rely on our communication APIs, like:
Gain insight on:
Number format and origin
Number type
Carrier and country
Whether a number is ported
Whether a number is blacklisted
If a number is valid
If a number is reachable
Roaming status, and roaming carrier and country
"Nexmo's developer relations team have been super helpful overcoming any issues I've encountered...All issues overcome have later been reflected in their documentation to help other developers."
Marcus Noble, Developer
Build it your way, and keep your developers happy.

Your developers will get our ready-to-use, high-quality insights API, plus super-speedy support and a rockstar community network.

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