Nexmo The Vonage API Platform

Voice API

Transform customer communications with our voice API from Nexmo™

Leverage new ways to initiate calls and tap into software-enabled capabilities like automation and contextual interactions for faster, more fluid communications.

Customize your live call capabilities.

Enhance the call-based interactions you have today—and create entirely new ones—so you can up your game for customer support, call marketing, conference calling, and more.

Create the future (with your existing systems).

You need to move quickly. With our single voice API, you can easily build awesome voice experiences within legacy web technologies—and even integrate artificial intelligence capabilities.

Scale smoothly.

As you build momentum, Vonage’s carrier-grade network will provide you and your customers with top-notch, reliable service. Plus, your outbound calls can come from local numbers to increase engagement.

Manage costs.

Time is money. With our API, you can leverage automation to boost the efficiency of your customer-facing employees. And with true per-second billing, you only get charged for call time you actually use.

In good company.

Businesses around the world rely on our communication APIs, like:
Features you (and your customers) will love.
Per-second billing
Only pay for what you use. No long-term contracts.
Call control
Control your call flow easily and efficiently.
Call recording
Record, store, and manage calls, plus activate split recording.
Artificial intelligence integration
Allow AI bots to participate in calls.
Voice conferencing
Easily create conferences with advanced features like 2-way recording.
Inbound call processing
Manage inbound calls simply and easily.
"Nexmo's developer relations team have been super helpful overcoming any issues I've encountered...All issues overcome have later been reflected in their documentation to help other developers."
Marcus Noble, Developer
Build it your way, and keep your developers happy.

Your developers will get our ready-to-use, high-quality voice API, plus super-speedy support and a rockstar community network.

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