What if an emergency prevents employees from coming in? Can they still use the phone system remotely? Does Vonage® have an emergency phone system?

A huge advantage of hosted business VoIP systems is the ease of staying connected to the system, even when you’re away from the office. Since your system is cloud hosted, it can be accessed in many ways in the event of an emergency.

For starters, our online user portals allow remote access to your system from any browser with high-speed internet. And with a plug-and play-system, if you know in advance that you won’t be able to reach the office, you can bring your office phone home allowing full integration with your office phone system.

If there is an emergency, phone system features like “Work from Anywhere” and “Never Miss a Call” on Vonage® Business Cloud keeps employees connected seamlessly wherever they have internet access.

Additionally, Vonage mobile apps make initiating or receiving calls appear like you’re in the office. And since your mobile solution will be integrated with the full phone system, you have access to the system’s robust calling features and caller ID registers your calls as originating from the office (data charges may apply).

Our emergency phone systems are built to maximize your business’s uptime. To see more about how our customers use Vonage during emergencies, check out this case study .

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