By Your Business Industry

Business communications specifically for your industry

Accounting Solutions

Manage more calls. Automate and simplify your record keeping. Get more work done with features that optimize your work day.

Education Solutions

Communicate better with teachers, students, parents, faculty and staff. Expand the classroom to virtually anywhere. Set up campus alerts with automated APIs.

Financial Solutions

Run your firm more efficiently. Get easy access to detailed analytics and reporting. Bring innovative technology to all your customer interactions.

Franchise Solutions

For franchises of every kind, we handle communications technology so you can get back to business. Easy to implement with franchise-favorable pricing.

Healthcare Solutions

Cut costs with more efficiencies. Increase reliability and accountability. Create better patient communications with our business phone system solutions.

Insurance Solutions

Manage claims more efficiently. Ensure a professional presence for your agents. Get features that optimize your agency’s daily workflow.

Law Firm Solutions

Increase accountability and capture billable hours on the phone automatically— even from mobile. Get the tools to take your firm to the next level.

Marketing Solutions

Collaborate in new ways. Expand your workspace with mobile integration. Get features to grow your communication presence beyond just making phone calls.

Real Estate Solutions

Mobilize your agents. Increase productivity. Create a professional presence for your agency. Get the features that will help you beat out the competition.

Retail Solutions

Stay up and running all day, every day—and make the most of every opportunity. Keep shoppers coming back with enhanced, scalable communications.

Transportation & Logistics

Transform your operations and work from virtually anywhere. Dependable cloud communications keep you productive and competitive.

Travel & Hospitality

From booking to boarding to check-out time: Elevate the customer experience with reliable cost-efficient business communications in the cloud.


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