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Through Vonage’s service, RMR was able to continue to deliver on our promise and generate remarkable marketing results for our clients.

Robyn Sachs, RMR & Associates

An investment in the cloud: It’s a big idea

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) from Vonage elevates how you do business by integrating all your voice, video, conferencing, contact centers, business apps, and even chat, and making it all accessible on any device.

We offer the convenience of bring your own broadband, and for enhanced quality of service we provide SD-WAN technologies.

  • Powerful technology. Upgrade your marketing communication tools—and your business efficiencies.
  • Ease of use. Experience simple setup, automatic updates, and a user-friendly admin portal.

More capabilities. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

When you migrate to the Vonage cloud, there's no need for costly internal infrastructure like servers and storage systems. Resources are shared across offices for a level of redundancy that can be less expensive than traditional, premise-based PBX systems. And with bring your own broadband services, you can get innovative cloud marketing solutions with minimal start-up costs.

  • Easy scalable solution. Add extensions or marketing communications features. Expand service to new locations. It’s all as easy a phone call or logging in to your admin portal.
  • Virtual 24/7 support. Our customer service and IT teams are ready to help, even on holidays and weekends. No waiting for visit a from a technician.
  • 40+ features included. Every phone number extension starts with a standard suite of 40+ business phone features including Virtual Receptionist. Additional, premium features can be added per extension or across the entire account.

Ditch the desk and work wherever you want

Integrate your marketing communications tools with your smartphone or tablet and work on the go. Our flexible, scalable, mobile-integrated marketing communications ensure you have the competitive edge.

  • Enable mobility. Turn your smartphone into an extension of your office phone system and work smarter anywhere.
  • Always maintain a business presence. Out with clients? Call from your business phone number on any device, using our mobile or desktop apps. It will always appear as if you’re calling from your office.
  • Manage availability. Empower your teams to choose when and how they receive calls-- at their desk or on the go.

Sometimes imagination requires collaboration

Enable your teams—from creative to account to production — to work together and with your clients. Our collaboration platform includes mobile-integrated conferencing and collaboration tools to make your workday easier, more efficient and definitely more productive.

  • Express yourself in person. With video conferencing, you can dial into a video conference bridge from your desktop, web browser, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Conference them in a click. Amazon Chime provides reliable online conferencing with enterprise-grade features like file share, chat, and one-click calling from your smartphone. This frustration-free mobile solution is included in most business plans.

Pitches are stressful. Your office phones shouldn’t be.

Your days are long. Your deadlines are tight. And your clients are demanding. You can’t afford a system outage. With marketing solutions like our cloud-based business communications platforms, you’ll be up and running all day, every day.

  • Maximize uptime. Reliable cloud hosting and backup features keep your business moving, even during emergencies.
  • Get tracking and analytics. With our marketing communications tools, it’s simple to check call volume, activity and duration. Access detailed call records by extension or account—get a clear picture of your marketing communications in real time.
  • Connect multiple offices. Seamlessly connect talent across multiple offices to create outstanding teams—and more easily make timely decisions related to projects.

Automate and improve marketing outcomes with Vonage Reach

Create powerful marketing experiences with integrated texts, email and more—all through one intelligent marketing automation platform. Vonage Reach enhances your marketing communication tools by tying together your unified communications, embedded communications, and your business app.

  • Communicate the way consumers want. 64% of customers prefer texting for customer service. Create campaigns using automated texts personalized for every stage of the sales cycle—and integrate with your email, voice and social media strategies easily.
  • Improve brand awareness and NPS scores. Quickly gather information about your customers (and how you’re doing) with SMS surveys and make data-driven decisions for each marketing campaign.

Business integration for business efficiency

Add in more efficiency and productivity to your marketing firm phone solutions. Integrate your phone service with more of the business applications you use everyday.
Vonage Business for a communications marketing solution that has legs
Simple and easy to use
Cloud-hosted system lets you easily connect multiple offices with a simple set-up so intuitive you won’t need a manual.
Quality of experience
With our cloud-hosted solutions, you get high-quality voice, video, and messaging—and enhanced quality of service (QoS) when you need it.
Top-notch customer service
Our experts provide 24/7 customer and technical support. Better than white glove—we call it Orange Glove Service.
Simple scalability
VoIP cloud-hosted phone system allows you to scale as your practice grows.
Hitting your marketing target and delivering results
How does your company stack up?

A new whitepaper by IDC, commissioned by Vonage, shows that companies with best-in-class cloud communications platforms improved speed to market, customer satisfaction and profitability by more than 30 percent.

Reimagine how business gets done
From cloud-hosted phones on your current broadband to UCaaS solutions on a purpose-built network, Vonage is partnering with businesses like yours, in ways never imagined. Cost-effective ways. Revenue-building ways. Once thought impossible ways.
Vonage® Business Cloud

If your business is looking for a robust, intuitive, and reliable business cloud service at an incredible value, explore Vonage Business Cloud.

99.999% uptime reliability¹
Runs on your high-speed internet connection
Enhanced quality of service with SD-WAN technology available
40+ features to help you customize your business communications
Mobile and desktop applications enable mobile working and virtual teams
High-quality voice, point to point video, and messaging
Includes the Amazon Chime Pro tier, offering chat, screen share, video and web conferencing
Integrates with the business applications you use everyday
Easily scales as your business grows
Simple activation and setup with 24/7 customer support
Month-to-month contracts available
¹The 99.999% uptime claim is based on an average of Vonage Business's call availability.
Find out how Vonage can help your business communicate better.

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