computer_230970694_330pxThe Case for Business VoIP

When you weigh up the differences between a cloud-hosted VoIP system and a traditional phone line, it’s easy to see why thousands of businesses just like yours are moving to Vonage Business. Given the benefits, can you really afford not to make the switch for 2015?

CostofOwnershipSavings. A cloud-hosted phone solution can save your company 30% or more on your bill in comparison to a POTS system. You can switch your business phone for as low as $19.99 a month.

FeaturesOver 40 features. A cloud-hosted phone service delivers features that a traditional phone line never could. Features like Virtual Receptionist and Work from Anywhere are empowering businesses to do more everyday.

ReliabilitySwitching is easy. Though the technology is savvy, integrating our cloud-hosted phone system into your office is easy. There’s also an expert customer service team to help support you every step of the way.

See Our Features In Action

Have you ever wondered how Vonage Business features work in an every day business setting? Watch our Features in Action video and see for yourself.