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Be Your customers’ Cupid This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to appreciate the important people in your life, so show your customers a little love!

It can be tough to meet customer expectations, let alone exceed them, but if your customers know you will do what it takes to make them happy and successful, they will reciprocate in the form of more business. Here are five ways you can deliver Valentine’s Day-worthy customer experiences all year round.

1. Personalise every experience

Personalise each interaction, treating customers as individuals, understanding their buying patterns, likes and dislikes, and the overall experience they have with your business. Personalisation stimulates customer behaviour, encouraging them to buy more, stay longer and evangelise the experience to others.

2. Get callers to the right advisor first time

Instead of answering your callers and then finding out what they need, use the information you already hold on your customer to present them with personalised options that get them to someone that can help them. By reducing transfers you also free up advisors to deal with new callers.

3. Send a gift

For a truly exceptional service which will leave a lasting impression, go the extra mile and do something your customers won’t expect. Include a personal note in a delivery; send a thank you card, a box of Valentine’s chocolates... Even a coupon for their next shopping experience with you will help them feel rewarded.

4. Build rapport with your customer

Be a human not a robot! Try to use guiding prompts rather than entire scripts which make it very difficult to sound knowledgeable, confident and engaging, potentially turning off customers or prospects. Personalising each call and building some rapport with the customer can significantly improve the experience and make them feel more important.

5. Offer self-service for simple queries

If you want to confirm that a package has been shipped or check a balance on an account, it can be useful to self-serve and avoid the need to speak to an advisor. Customers get the information they’re looking for, and their experience is a more efficient and personalised one. What’s more, agents are freed up and can spend more time focusing on more complex enquiries or handling new business.

Think about your customers and what they need, as well as how you can exceed their expectations. The ripple effects of outstanding customer service extend beyond satisfaction and retention. It distinguishes your brand, builds repeat business and improves employee morale.

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