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Boost Your Enterprise Learning and Development with Cloud Communications

Everyone on your team learns differently. Some people understand and retain complicated information the first time they hear it. Others need to mull over complex ideas and review the information. Some people just hear Charlie Brown's teacher going, "WAH, WAH, WAH" until they see information in writing, and others fare better with a hands-on learning experience.

Employees attending an enterprise learning and development session.
Employees can learn many different ways, and cloud communications can improve enterprise learning and development for every learning type.

Enterprise learning and development is essential to businesses of all sizes. It's how you transfer knowledge, cultivate the next generation of leaders, train employees, and ensure your team has all the information and training it needs to deliver a stellar customer experience.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to employee and leadership development. However, with cloud communications technology, it's easy to deliver information and insights in a variety of formats and accommodate all the different learning styles represented by your team.

Enterprise Learning and Development: A Multimedia Approach

Unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) puts all your business communication tools — voice, messaging, video, and conferencing — into one cloud-based platform. Team members can seamlessly switch back and forth between these tools, whether they're collaborating with one another or communicating with customers. And, thanks to cloud solutions for business, they can work from anywhere.

When it comes to enterprise training and development, it also means they can learn from anywhere and in whatever format best suits their preferred learning styles.

Imagine this: You're preparing for some type of team development meeting. Maybe you're bringing in a guest speaker or industry expert, or maybe it's just an internal presentation. Either way, if you're including remote workers or employees in other locations, you're likely already using video conferencing. If not, all you need is an internet-connected computer and your UCaaS login information.

By recording the meeting, you already have the information preserved in both visual and audible formats. What about the people who prefer to read? For them, you can include the transcript. If your UCaaS solution includes voice-to-text capabilities, you can even do it automatically.

This way, you accommodate various styles of learning within your enterprise, maintain the integrity of the information, and enable everyone to go back and review later — including anyone who missed the meeting or simply learns better with iteration.

Depending on the content of the discussion, you can also use these resources to train new hires or loop in high-potential junior employees who weren't invited to the meeting. In other words, it's a great way to scale team development.

Enterprise learning and development are essential to businesses of all sizes.

Oh, the Things You Can Record

Enterprise learning and development opportunities happen all the time, not just in planned team meetings and training sessions. However, rank-and-file employees, including budding leaders, are often left out of these conversations.

Think about how many times you've been part of a discussion with another senior leader, vendor, or customer and thought, "I wish my team could hear this." If you have UCaaS with call recording on-demand, your team can. All you have to do is click a button to preserve the conversation.

The following are five examples of scenarios where recording can help leaders:

  1. Small Group Strategy Sessions with Other Leaders or Employees: What better way for employees to understand the "why" behind what they're doing than to hear it straight from the source?
  2. C-Level Conversations About the Company's Future Goals, Vision, or Mission: Just consider how motivational this would be for budding leaders who care about the success of your organization and hope to be part of the leadership team one day.
  3. Calls with Vendors or Industry Experts: Whether they're going over important trends or explaining how new technology works, recording saves you the time of recapping for your team later.
  4. Calls from Customers Gushing About an Experience with the Company: Don't keep the kudos to yourself. Not only is this a great opportunity for employee recognition, but it also refreshes everyone on customer communication best practices.
  5. Recordings from Your Call Center: If you have company-wide call recording solutions "for training and quality assurance purposes," why not use them for ongoing training purposes, instead of just playing them for new hires?

These are just a few possibilities. Whatever you're recording, it's easy to transcribe, store, and share it via UCaaS. Then, everyone can review information in their preferred format. You suddenly have a treasure trove of multimedia enterprise learning tools, and all you had to do was press "Record."

Do you want to learn more about UCaaS and the benefits for your business? Connect with a Vonage Business representative.

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