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Codeless 2FA with Verify and Appdome

Nexmo is proud to announce our newest partnership with leading Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) vendor Appdome. Appdome allows you to integrate APIs, SDKs, and other services in any Android and iOS mobile app without coding a single line.

Appdome was a natural partnership fit for Nexmo, the Vonage API platform. With their newest offering, Appdome for MFA, Appdome was the perfect candidate for a partnership utilizing Nexmo’s Verify API. Now you have the ability to instantly add our robust security and verification service to your mobile app with no coding at all!

With Appdome for Nexmo Verify, you can arm all your mobile apps with passwordless authentication. We’ve written often here about the benefits of 2FA and one-time use PIN codes. Now we’re making the implementation of this industry best practice even easier.

Appdome for Nexmo Verify Use Cases

You don’t need us to recite all the major security breaches in recent years. The fact is, as the global economy continues to grow, and companies continue to broaden their digital reach, we’re collecting and maintaining more sensitive customer data than ever before. Consumers trust companies to protect that data.

In some industries, it becomes a matter of lawful compliance. HIPAA laws in the healthcare industry, for example, serve to protect patient privacy. In finance, security is paramount with consumers logging into bank and credit card accounts from their mobile devices every day. Strong 2FA can help with fraud prevention and give you and your customers valuable peace of mind. And now, with Appdome for Nexmo Verify, it can be done in seconds, with no code!

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