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Drive Revenue with Location Intelligence

There is more data available today than ever before - especially for businesses.

There’s sales data, customer data, operational data, and for the most part, it is all available within CRM systems. This data is key to making informed decisions to improve operations and drive revenue. You can easily view this data by running a report. You can even export the data to a spreadsheet for further analysis - but why would you want to do that?

Field sales teams can’t use a report or a spreadsheet to get more sales calls. Sales managers can’t use a report to find ways to boost productivity and find gaps in coverage. What’s missing in a report or spreadsheet is the most important type of business intelligence - location intelligence.

What is location intelligence?

Location intelligence is actionable intelligence created from the “where” in your data.

It’s great to know your sales volume; but where is it coming from?

It’s great to know your market share; but where are you winning and losing?

It’s great to know how many customers you have, but where are they?

The “where” in the data takes it from being useful information to actionable intelligence.

What can you do with location intelligence?

Location intelligence enables you to have a real-time snapshot of your business and quickly assess ways to make it grow. If you know where you’re losing, then you can determine why by comparing it to areas where you’re winning. Whether it’s pricing, the number of sales reps, marketing, or available service and support, location intelligence enables you to visualize your strengths and weaknesses to quickly assess performance. In short, unlocking the “where” in your data unlocks the “why” in your sales performance.

There are many ways to use location intelligence to improve sales and drive revenue.

Align and manage territories

Location intelligence enables you to take a data-driven approach to territory alignment and management. If you can see where your customers are located and where you’re winning and losing, it makes it easier to divide geographic areas between your sales team members. It also makes it easier to determine whether or not you need more team members.

If you can improve your coverage you can reach more of your customers and prospects. More touches = more sales.

Find new leads

If you know where your customers are then you know where they’re not. You can improve sales and marketing efforts if you know where to start. Location intelligence gives you all of the starting points you need to carry out a successful campaign.

Improve marketing

You can improve the targeting of your customers and prospects through geo-targeting, which requires location intelligence. You can easily beef up your marketing in weaker areas by targeting customers and prospects and adding them to location-based campaigns. You can even schedule emails to send based on timezone to ensure a higher open rate.

Exhibiting at (or attending) a trade show? Email customers and prospects within 50 kilometers of the expo center and invite them to attend or schedule meetings while you’re there.

Plan and optimize routes

Mapping your customers and prospects can help you make the most of your sales team’s time and resources by enabling them to prioritize and plan outreach efforts as well as optimize routes. They can schedule more sales calls in less time and use less petrol doing it. Less time and petrol = lower costs. More sales calls = more revenue.

How can I get started?

Firstly, you have to make sure you have the RIGHT data. Every piece of data should have a location associated - the more accurate, the better. Every customer. Every sale. Every event. Every business location. All of this data should be in your CRM.

Next, you need to implement a geo-analytics and location analysis tool that gives your entire team a live view of the data within your CRM. The tool should be available within the CRM to drive adoption and maintain data security and integrity. Also, make sure that the solution has additional features in place that can help your organization - such as demographic and industry data or live GPS or satellite tracking for vehicles and assets. It’s important for you to get the most bang for your buck.

Last, you have to make usage of the tool a part of regular business operations. Use it for visualizations in meetings and presentations. Use it for coaching. Use it for strategic decision making. Once it is a part of daily and weekly activities, it will become firmly ingrained in the workflow of your team, and turn your CRM into a profit center to help you drive sales.

Location intelligence in Salesforce

If Salesforce is your CRM, you’re in luck! You already have access to the most powerful and comprehensive geo-analytics and location analysis tool on the market: MapAnything.

MapAnything is available on the AppExchange and enables you to map customers, generate leads, analyze sales, create and manage territories, plan and optimize schedules and routes, as well as improve marketing - all in Salesforce.

MapAnything combines a custom cross object query engine and the power of Google to help you get the most out of your Salesforce data. It even offers curated demographic, industry, and property data along with a variety of shape layers to enable more comprehensive analysis and more actionable intelligence.

Use MapAnything to get location intelligence in Salesforce and drive revenue.

MapAnything is sponsoring CloudFest London, taking place on Wednesday 9th March. Join us for an afternoon packed with innovation and insight and find out how you can sell more, serve better and grow faster with improved efficiency, reduced churn and greater customer advocacy using Salesforce and NewVoiceMedia.

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