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How to Tend to Your Leads to Earn a Loyal Clientele

Loyal Leads

Leads can be very tricky given some are valid and some just should not have been on the list. Unfortunately, most leads turn out to be of this second category. Still, it would be unwise to leave any lead on the table. The one left untouched just might become the one that you regret not having called.

Implement a system to be rigorously followed on a daily basis.

It’s All About You

That sales motto is to qualify and match prospective clients. This is in terms of interests, values and methods for conducting business. Questions to answer are:

  • Do you hold interest in the business lead and welcome a conversation?
  • Do you have any reservations about what the business represents?
  • Are you willing to do initial research upfront to have an intelligent conversation?

You have an obligation to follow up on every lead. However, after the initial conversation, if it isn’t a match, walk away as quickly as possible. Consider handing it off to another representative who might be an improved match. Hopefully this will inspire reciprocity among teammates.


Tending to your leads requires a systematic approach and due diligence. Years ago, I was told that the average sales representative makes 50 cold calls per day. Not wishing to be average, I made it my business to make 60 cold calls per day.

Be certain to check today’s statistics – technology has made the process far more efficient. Then, commit to the number you will contact each day. Have a safety net day to make up for those days on which you weren’t able to achieve the set goal to remain on track. 

Initial Contact Online

The one error seen today is the blanket email without any personalization. Results from these email are minimal. The extra step of using the person’s proper name and modifying it to their interest will produce a much higher response rate.

Social Media

The world of sales improved immensely with social media technology. Take the time to see if you may locate information about your lead. LinkedIn is the perfect place to start. Read the profile, see where they are located and if you share any common interests. The information will provide you with insight on how to begin your initial conversation.

Initial Call

Generally speaking, company leads come from those who saw an advertisement or an article of interest and clicked to learn more. The initial call should be brief to determine if true interest exists.

Improve the initial call with these steps:

  • See where the lead actually came from.
  • Upon connecting, ask what motivated the person to ask for more information.
  • Be conversational and friendly.
  • Stay away from scripts as much as possible in order to come across authentically.
  • Ask your lead if they would like to put a face with a name with an in-person meeting.


The complexity of what you are selling will determine the number of meetings required prior to making a sale. Additional meetings provide you the time to come to improved understanding of what is desired and build sound relationships.

Credibility and trust are the two key requirements for earning the sale. Following through on every request within the timeframe allotted serves to build the trust. One other differentiator from most salespeople is to refrain from selling until all questions have been asked and answered.

Gaining the larger perspective enables you to provide a more comprehensive solution. Working in this manner will help you to build a returning and referring clientele – the definition of the Smooth Sale!
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