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Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy churns up the East Coast, we here in Atlanta are thinking of our friends, family and customers who may be impacted by this dangerous storm. With high winds, driving rain and even the chance of deep snow, we encourage everyone to take all necessary precautions to help ensure you, as well as your families and employees remain safe.

If during this time you need to keep your business running even though you can’t get to the office, we’ve listed a few tips that may help.

Plug and Play Cloud VoIP Technology

All of our phones are plug and play, meaning that you can just unplug your phone from your regular office and take it home with you. Just plug it in to your home Internet jack and maintain the same professional appearance from the safety of your home.

Call Continuity Service

If the power goes out or your Internet connection stops working, our Call Continuity Service can automatically reroute your calls to a mobile phone. To use this tool, log into your User Portal and change these settings.

Customers can read the Call Continuity Service support article to get started.

PLEASE NOTE: This setting only works if you have it configured!

Never Miss a Call

Vocalocity service includes a ”Never Miss a Call” feature, which allows you to decide how your incoming calls are handled. Calls can be automatically routed or forwarded to different locations such as a voicemail account, a mobile phone or any other phone number.

Customers can read the Extension Configuration article to set up this feature.

E911 Location

To get emergency services to your location as quickly as possible, link your phone number to physical address so that emergency operators can instantly dispatch help. A default E911 location is added when an account is created. If you would like to edit this location, or add another E911 location, follow the instructions using the Admin Portal.

Vocalocity Mobile

If you are unable to bring your office phone to your current location or power loss causes your computer not to work, you can use our mobile application to manage many features directly from your Android or iPhone. To get this app, visit the product page to download for your device, or just search your App Store or Marketplace for “Vocalocity.”

Virtual Receptionist

Every account comes with an included Virtual Receptionist that has the ability to play a message as soon as a call comes in. You can use this tool to provide updates to your customers and employees about the status of your business. To make changes, log into your Admin Portal and update your greetings.

User Portals and Admin Portals

Finally, all employees and administrators have access to user portals and admin portals, accessible at Just sign in to change settings, listen to voicemail online and view call logs.

During this historic storm, please take every possible precaution to keep you, as well as your family and employees safe and secure. If you need assistance with your Vocalocity service, please call customer support at 1-866-901-0242 or visit our support page at for detailed instructions on using the online portal to manage your phone system.


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