The Communications Gap:
it’s Business and it’s Personal

By Jon Arnold, J Arnold & Associates

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What is a technology communications gap

Insight into key trends in the workplace, technology, and IT expectations

Tips for closing the gap, including the steps IT should take to develop a plan

Executive Summary
When enterprises think about their primary challenges, the communications gap may not be top of mind, especially when considering big picture issues such as revenue growth or cost reduction. With technology changing so quickly, enterprises struggle to provide employees with the communications applications they need to be productive. That is the essence of the communications gap, and the implications extend beyond employee productivity to these big picture issues that executive management is so focused on. This White Paper has been produced to help enterprise decision-makers understand why the communications gap is so important, along with the steps they can take to close that gap. Aside from examining the trends that give rise to this gap, the implications for the business are reviewed, along with the steps IT must take to develop a plan. Unlike market forces that are beyond anyone’s control, the communications gap can be closed with a well-developed plan, and for this reason, we believe the White Paper will resonate with IT decision-makers. Central to this plan is the solution, and our analysis outlines why hosted Unified Communications (UC) is the best way forward, not just for closing the communications gap, but for IT to add new value to the business. Beyond that, executive management will get an agile organization that can be more responsive to the needs of today’s digitally-empowered customers. With all that considered, hosted Unified Communications can deliver substantial business value, and choosing the right hosted partner becomes as important as the solution itself. Key selection criteria are reviewed herein, providing guidance for decision-makers to navigate a complex landscape of hosted partners.
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A Good Read For
  • Enterprise decision-makers
  • IT managers
  • CTO's
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The Communication Gap:
It's Business and It's Personal

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