Cloud-Hosted Contact Center Services:

Supporting Customers and Building Revenue

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In this eBook you will learn about:

The difference between a call and contact center– and which is right for your organization

How the cloud is allowing organizations to leverage multichannel and omnichannel contact center options that customers love.

How insights from cloud contact center analytics have been found to be particularly powerful assets for improving the customer experience and boosting sales

How an SD-WAN for UCaaS solution can can transform your contact center solution

Cloud-Hosted Contact Center Services: Executive Summary

Companies know that supporting their customers is critical. Call and contact centers are often the frontline of a business. Their performance can not only impact a consumer’s reaction to that individual transaction but permanently color their feeling about the business as a whole. But contact center solutions can be a critical part of your unified communications solution to drive overall enterprise efficiency and better business outcomes.

Today, customers expect businesses to deliver a high-quality customer experience, and businesses are responding accordingly by making strategic investments to fulfill these expectations. Now, as more and more businesses are moving their contact center solutions to the cloud, they are discovering new ways to raise the bar for customer service, empower training, simplify connectivity and scalability, and provide more robust analytics. Take a closer look at the powerful options available to meet the complex business communications needs for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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A Good Read For
  • Digital Transformation Leads
  • Customer Experience Leads
  • Call/Contact Center Operations Leads
  • Enterprise decision-makers
  • Chapter 1:
    What's Disrupting Your Multichannel Contact Center?
  • Chapter 2:
    The Omnichannel Contact Center Offers Interaction at the Speed of Expectation
  • Chapter 3:
    The Growing Market for Cloud-Based Contact Center Service
  • Chapter 4:
    The Case for the Call and Contact Center
  • Chapter 5:
    Delivering an Omnichannel Customer Experience: The Art of Being Everywhere at Once
  • Chapter 6:
    Social Media, Customer Service, and the Omnichannel Contact Center
  • Chapter 7:
    Ring, Ring! How the Right SD-WAN Tool Can Transform Your Contact Center
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Cloud-Hosted Contact Center Services: Supporting Customers and Building Revenue

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